No Animal Should Fight Alone DONATE TODAY!

Drew Barrymore supports ASPCA.

Thousands of animals are being mistreated every year. You can help them by donating a little bit everyday. Animals are being beaten, left alone, tied up, and starved to death. I think they should be helped in every way possible. They are living creatures who don´t deserve to be treated this way.

Help them today!

Animals are suffering everyday. Right now there are approximately 156 dogs sheltered because of a dog fight. You can help them today. Donating a little will save a lot of lives. They don´t deserve to be treated this way. Animals should be cared for and loved.

They want to be loved!

Dogs, cats, horses, etc. are suffering right now. They want to be loved. There are animals right now that are in the shelter that feel like they´re unwanted. You should save an animals life. Being loved is part of living.

How can you watch this and not want to help?

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