The Town of Little Suamico My local governmet

5964-A County Rd. S

Recycling center fees. There were changes in the fees for recycling

Generator installation. Between two different companies, there is an option of what deal they want to take for which generator they will install.

Ditch cleaning. With the limited frost in the ground it would allow them to clean up the ditches

Gas leak. There was a gas leak by a outdoor meter.

Fire truck. The town has been preparing to purchase a new fire truck.

Starting on February first of 2017 the town Of Little Suamico has made motion to change the recycling fees of the town. Vehicle battery's would be free, led light bulbs-$2.50, microwaves would be $2.00 plus some more items with reduced prices. In my opinion, I think it's a great deal that the town made. I think this because it will reduce the cost of recycling certain items. The other town citizens will be pleased with the reduced prices of recycling.

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