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Hallucinations...Isaac Asimov

Rank: 1st

I decided to rank Hallucinations as number one because there were more things I liked about it then Tell Tale Heart and Flowers for Algernon. Humans reacting peacefully with one another and encountering aliens are both big accomplishments I want to see in the future.

I enjoyed reading Hallucinations because of the conflict of the story and what was trying to be solved. I admired how the Aliens of Energy Planet were trying to communicate peacefully with the humans about their home being invaded. I liked how the aliens were trying to communicate in peace with the people of Earth. I am a strong believer in acting peacefully over violence. I also care about the actions we are making as humans and how it would affect our home and possibly others.

Flowers for Algernon...Daniel Keyes

Rank: 2nd

I decided to rank Flowers for Algernon second because it was a fantastic story. The story was written differently and I believe that made it more entertaining to read.

Flowers for Algernon was a story that made me feel a variety of different emotions. I felt anxious, upset, disappointed, excited and many emotions. One thing I enjoyed a lot was that the story was written in Charlie Gordon's perspective and through the progress reports. It was incredible being able to read and see how Charlie improved.

The Tell Tale Heart...Edgar Allen Poe

Rank: 3rd

I'm deciding to rank The Tell Tale Heart third because I enjoyed the other stories better. I liked the mood and genre of this story.

The Tell Tale Heart had a dark mood. It was entertaining to read because it was suspenseful. I liked this story a lot, although I wish one thing was different. I wish the author made it more clear who the old man was, I thought that the relationship between the old man and narrator was confusing. I think it should have been more detailed and specific.


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