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Background photo by Stephanie Augello for Brooklyn Vegan

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November 2, 2018 Single release show. Kay and Annaka man the merch.

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Our EP is currently sold out on Chunklet’s bandcamp site. Henry Owings recently found a box of singles in his magic closet - so it is available while supplies last here and the UK. Digital download is available through your favorite platform.

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“My respect for the Pylon Reenactment Society (heirs to the sonic and artistic legacy forged by Pylon and starting back in the early ’80s, when I initially saw the band) knows precious few, if any, boundaries.” Fred Mills

“it has the unmistakeable post-punk bite mixed with the groove that made the band famous the first time around”

“Funnest Show" Award for 2018.”

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Nine Live (bands) that made us Spring at the Primavera Sound 2019

“Wonderful discovery, I would risk dazzling.”

Courtesy Indie-Zone-it photo by Tommasco Vecchio, Milan

“a ten out of ten.”

François Zappa



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John Neff

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Spring / Summer 2019 issue #84

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Photo by Damon Denton, off stage, Part Time Punks 2016

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Paste Magazine

by Robert Ham

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by Dave Franklin

As the gap between Pylon and vocalist Vanessa Briscoe Hay’s Pylon inspired PRS gets wider, perhaps it is time to stop using that link as the jump-off point for anything that gets written about them. Of course Pylon were a highly influential band back in the day, treading the same boards as fellow Athens GA luminaries as R.E.M and The B-52’s but that was then and this is now. Whilst we are at it let’s dispense with the term post-punk for exactly the same reasons.

So the style is familiar, the vocals the expected blend of sweetness and raw edge and they sound a bit like a bunch of bands that coloured the younger days of us aficionados of slightly off-kilter pop, but apart from those few tenuous and lazy-journalistic connections, it’s all about moving forward, it’s just that unlike a lot of music being made today Messenger does so without resorting to studio gimmick or sonic glitter. New music made with old values? Why the hell not?

So try getting that bass line hook out of your head, deAxterous yet hypnotically repetitive, and as the band layer on guitar detail, keyboard washes, infectious riffs, simple beats, the groove and the grace notes, you remember that it wasn’t so much the punks who kicked down the barricades at the end of the seventies that really made a difference to the musical landscape but those who poured through the gap behind them

But as I said, this is no mere exercise in nostalgia, far from it, PRS give any modern indie or alt-rock band a run for their money and they do so by staying true to themselves rather than conforming to whatever fad or fashion bandwagon is being jumped on by lesser musical mortals. Messenger is the perfect blend of a nod to the past, a reminder that honesty, in music as much as anything else, is the best policy and perhaps the penning of a whole new musical chapter, one where people remember that whilst studio bands, producers and sampled musical building blocks may seem cool right now their shelf life is decidedly limited. Let’s get back to the real deal, let’s get back to bands like Pylon Reenactment Society! After all, there is a reason why after all this time we are still talking about this sort of music…well, quite a few actually!


Background photo by Hissing Lawns at 2019 Savannah Stopover Music Festival



Pylon by Terry Allen

Pylon Reenactment Society (PRS) is fronted by former Pylon singer Vanessa Briscoe Hay, whose inimitable vocal textures and phrasing defined the post-punk era band’s sound for most listeners. Pylon is considered to be one of the most influential bands at the beginnings of what would become known as the “Athens,GA music scene.” 30 years ago, Pylon, along with The B-52’s and R.E.M., were heavily featured in the original feature documentary Athens,GA/inside-out. After guitarist Randy Bewley passed away in 2009, Pylon formally disbanded.

Pylon Reenactment Society by Jim Leatherman

PRS formed in 2014 for what Hay thought would be a one-off project to perform for Art Rocks Athens- a series of events that explored the connection between the art and music scene in Athens between the years 1975-85. Guitarist and producer Jason NeSmith, a friend and former bandmate in the project Supercluster, invited her to perform. He helped put a backing band together from his band Casper & the Cookies which included powerhouse bassist Kay Stanton (who had also been a member of Supercluster) and drummer Gregory Sanders. The audience response was great. Art Rocks Athens invited them back the following year to open for Fred Schneider’s project Supa-Fine. Ace drummer Joe Rowe was added after Gregory Sanders had to bow out for shoulder surgery and kinetic keyboardist Damon Denton came onboard to add textures and fresh sounds. The audience response was ecstatic.

Indie Rock heroes Dressy Bessy heard about the Art Rocks Athens shows through the grapevine and invited PRS along on some dates. Since then, PRS has turned into a tight touring unit having performed at festivals and venues on both coasts, the Midwest, in the Southeast and were invited to perform at Primavera Sound 2019 in Barcelona. Along the way they have begun to develop their own sound using Pylon as their inspiration and played with some amazing acts.

Photo by Stephanie Augello for Brooklyn Vegan

In addition to Hay, PRS is rounded out by Jason NeSmith (Casper & The Cookies) on guitar, Kay Stanton (Casper & The Cookies) on bass guitar and backing vocals, Damon Denton (Big Atomic) on keyboards, and Joe Rowe (The Glands) on drums.

Photo by Jason Thrasher L to R: Jason NeSmith, Kay Stanton, Vanessa Briscoe Hay, Joe Rowe, Damon Denton

Part Time Punks EP

In October 2017, PRS released a 6-song EP, "Part Time Punks Session" on Henry Owings’s Chunklet Industries label to rave reviews. This was recorded for KXLU on December 10, 2016 at The Cave Studios by Josiah Mazzaschi in the afternoon prior to their performance at The Echoplex. 300 copies were pressed on clear orange, clear, red and black vinyl. 50 cassettes were manufactured. A few EPS still remain here and there via Revolver USA / Midheaven Mailorder and at indie record stores like Low Yo-Yo Stuff.

PRS 001

Messenger / Cliff Notes

2018 found PRS writing new material. Jason NeSmith recorded and mixed two of these new songs in his private studio. The single is “Messenger / Cliff Notes.” “Messenger” is a mid tempo meditation on love, war and modern communication. “Cliff Notes” immediately jumps out at the listener at breakneck speed with lyrics that mix silly dance moves with anti-racist admonitions. It has been well received by reviewers like Joseph Neff for The Vinyl District who gave it an A-.

PRS 002

Graphics by Michael Lachowski. Photo by John Boydston.

This single was pressed on blue, clear, purple, black for distribution and sales.

A “special tour edition” on clear gold color vinyl was only available at live shows.

The pressing was limited to 500 copies.


A video, directed by Tony Brazier (co- director for the upcoming documentary Athens, GA…30 Years On) was released in conjunction with the single.

Photo by Damon Denton.
Photo by Kay Stanton


Members of PRS pose with some friends post show. Photo by someone’s camera.
Peter Holsapple Combo, Photo by Vanessa Briscoe Hay

Single release parties were held in Athens and Atlanta,GA. The co-bill included the wonderful Peter Holsapple Combo doing a few shows in support of Peter’s solo album Gameday.

Athens,GA... 30 Years On

Photo by Daniel Borremans

Pylon Reenactment Society were filmed in January 2019 for Athens, GA...30 Years On, a new doc directed by Bill Cody. The special event was held at Southern Brewing Company. Other bands filmed that night included our bandmates projects Casper & the Cookies and the Grands (a one- off Glands cover band with David Barbe stepping up to the plate for Ross Shapiro and original member Joe Rowe on drums). Other bands who have been filmed include Cindy Wilson, Kishi Bashi, Nihilist Cheerleader, Oh-OK, Love Tractor, Mariah Parker...and more. It’s in post-production now with a Go-Fund-Me set up to raise funds for the final steps. If you have ever wanted to see your name in a film’s credits - this is your chance. Watch for the release later in 2020.

The Future

Photo by John Boydston, 2017 Athens Popfest, GA Theatre

Currently Pylon Reenactment Society are in the process of writing new material. Four new songs were recorded at the Cave in LA by Josiah Mazzaschi for Michael Stock’s long running show on KXLU, Part Time Punks, in December 2018. Two of them are previously unreleased. PRS also are looking forward to a performing at a few select shows this year. Those dates will be announced when the time is right. Friend us on social media to keep up to date.

Contact us at pylonreenactmentsociety (at) gmail.com if you are interested in obtaining a track for radio air play. We’d love to hear from you.

Joe Rowe / Damon Denton,The Red Museum,Sacramento, CA. (photo by Vanessa Briscoe Hay)


Photo by Vanessa Briscoe Hay

PRS are booked by Randy Paul Wolpin. Please contact him to find out our availability.

Booking: prsbookingcontact at gmail dot com

Vanessa Briscoe Hay, The Red Museum, Sacramento, CA

(Photo by Damon Denton)

Selected Press

Why does the music of Pylon still have such appeal to all ages and types of people?

“Vanessa Hay and the musicians in the Pylon Reenactment Society — guitarist Jason NeSmith, bassist Kay Stanton, keyboardist Damon Denton and drummer Joe Rowe — give muscle to Pylon’s compositions, and Hay’s singing remains as tart and original as ever. Pylon’s musical reputation has grown steadily since 1979, which Hay chalks up to, among other things, the universal appeal of music that compels movement. “I think it still sounds fresh because of what it is, and I think it’s danceable,” she says.”

- Edd Hurt, Pylon Reenactment Society Carries the Flame for Athens Post-Punk Legends, Nashville Scene, March 1, 2018

Photo by Derrick Pierce, The Basement, Nashville, TN

“In the fertile art-rock scene of Athens, Georgia, in the early eighties, the band to beat was Pylon, a post-punk quartet that front-loaded ominous, danceable bass lines and the screech of the magnetic singer Vanessa Briscoe. As its peers went on to grander stages, Pylon disbanded, in 1983, choosing cult status over a chance to accompany U2 on their first U.S. stadium tour. After a series of reunions, the band closed shop in 2009, upon the death of its guitarist lodestar, Randy Bewley. Pylon Reenactment Society is at once a tribute and a spinoff, with the singer (now Vanessa Briscoe Hay) energetically backed by tasteful musicians from Athens present.”

- Jay Ruttenberg, Goings On About Town, The New Yorker, July 1, 2018

Kay Stanton / Vanessa Briscoe Hay

Background photo by Damon Denton

“In 2014, singer Vanessa Briscoe Hay formed Pylon Reenactment Society with an entirely new lineup of Athens musicians. PRS is now keeping the music and legacy of Pylon alive, while also releasing new music of their own.

The new-look band has garnered acclaim for their performances since forming, and has breathed new life into the groundbreaking combination of art rock, post-punk and new wave that Pylon created in the early 80s.”

-Sean Kelly, Pylon Reenactment Society brings stellar legacy to Stopover, Connect Savannah, March 5, 2019

Background photo by Jamie Lee Arvin, Savannah Stopover Music Festival, March 2018

“Her singing style is unique enough to warrant a spot on an all-time list: playful, sometimes atonal and always freewheeling.”

-Moses Zarate, Historical Post-Punk, Sacramento News and Review, December 6, 2018

Background photo by Damon Denton, The Red Museum, Sacramento, CA

“When is a tribute band more than just a tribute band? At first blush, Pylon Reenactment Society would appear to be a modern tribute to the inventive late-1970s Athens, Georgia, post-punk band group Pylon. But PRS differ from typical cover bands in two significant ways. The homage is fronted by Pylon's provocative singer, Vanessa Briscoe Hay, giving the project immediate credibility. Another significant difference is that Hay's current group doesn't only perform vintage Pylon classics such as “Cool,” “Weather Radio” and “No Clocks.” PRS just released a 7-inch single with two brand-new songs, “Messenger” backed with “Cliff Notes.” The A-side is an intriguing track as Hay purrs enigmatically over a rubbery bass line and sliced-up guitar accents, emphasizing that the charismatic vocalist's worldview is just as (post)modern as ever.”

-Falling James, Pylon Reenactment Society , The Tissues, LA Weekly, December 9,2018

Background photo by Steve Harvey, Part Time Punks, Echoplex, LA

“We’ve got the premiere of “Cliff Notes,” which is very much in the nervy, danceable Pylon tradition: angular riffs played at breakneck speed with just a touch of Southern twang, and Vanessa’s attitude-filled vocals sounding great as ever.”

-Bill Pearis, Pylon Reenactment Society releasing new single (listen), touring, Brooklyn Vegan, November 30, 2018

Background photo by Jim Leatherman

“From the first 30 seconds of opener "Feast on My Heart," Hay's signature growl retains the infectious force that helped enshrine the Gyrate track in the post-punk canon. Though the rest of the band members weren't actually in Pylon, they faithfully revive the interplay between its original member as jagged guitars, dance-floor drum rhythms and mammoth bass erase the lines between punk and disco. Released via Chunklet, Part Time Punks Session may generate renewed interest in one of Athens' most venerated but perpetually underground bands, while convincing longtime fans that the Pylon Reenactment Society charts a fresh and faithful course.” ★★★★☆

-CL Staff, RECORD REVIEW: Pylon Reenactment Society. Part Time Punks Session Stays Fierce, Faithful, Creative Loafing, September 25, 2017

Background photo by Mike Lothrop,The Veranda, Orlando, FL, May 11,2018

“Today, Pylon Reenactment Society is six tracks away from completing its debut disc, and Hay, at 63, feels like she’s firing on all creative six. “I still think of odd things at 5:30 in the morning when I’m writing lyrics,” she says. ‘And nobody but me knows what I’m thinking of.’”

-Tom Lanham, Meet Pylon Reenactment Society, San Francisco Examiner, December 5, 2018

Background photo by Jason Thrasher

Photo by Chris Sikich, Market Hotel, Brooklyn, 1/5/19

Background photo by Jeff Gridley, Orlando, FL

Photo by John Boydston, Atlanta,GA

Background photo by Sloan Photo, Atlanta, GA

Joe Rowe

Background photo by Chris Sikich

Kay Stanton photo by M.J.Fine


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Savannah Stopover Music Festival 2019 for Brooklyn Vegan
Photo shoot for single and promo July 2018
Part Time Punks, Echoplex, LA, December 9,2018
Orlando, Florida, May 11,2018
The Basement, Nashville,TN, February 2, 2018
Market Hotel, Brooklyn, January 5, 2019
529, East Atlanta Village, November 3, 2018
Athens, GA 2017
Market Hotel, Brooklyn, January 5, 2019
The MOTHLIGHT, Asheville, NC
Georgia Theatre, Athens Popfest 2017


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