Mein Kampf The F├╝hrer before the rise.


Adolf Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889, in Austria. He grew up rather poor and persued the arts, to little effect. He eventually moved into politics after serving in World War I, and became a popular leader. Hitler attempted a coup in 1923 that failed, resulting in his imprisonment, where he wrote his autobiography "Mein Kampf", meaning "My Struggle" in German.


Mein Kampf was published by Eher Verlag in 1925.

Setting & Background

Mein Kampf is the story of Hitler's life prior to his rise to power and details his many philosophies in excruciating length.

Many of Hitler's issues with society are addressed, providing insight into his later actions. The poverty of the average German (and the prosperity of German Jews), lack of nationalism in the country (and spread of Communist ideas by the Jews), and much more.

This helps to explain some of Hitler's later actions. Doesn't excuse them, but provieds insight.

Central Character

Mein Kampf is an autobiography of Adolf Hitler, and thus naturally revolves around his struggle.

A colorized, youthful Hitler.

Writing Style

Mein Kampf goes to great lengths to explain everything in fine detail. Hitler had much free time in prison to write, and he wrote quite a bit. Nearly 700 pages.

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