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SUNSHINE Coast mum Katrina Spraggon is so desperate to get her daughter Kaitlyn the cannabis oil that stops the nine-year-old's crippling seizures that she has started making the illegal drug herself. Katrina tried regular pharmaceuticals and these did not help her condition. Cannabis did. Cannabis is also cheaper to use and safer than pharmaceuticals. So why is it banned? Read more about Katrina's fight against the Police and Medical authorities who tried to blackmail Katrina into depriving her daughter of this life saving plant on her facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/katrina.mosley.58

Study: Medical Cannabis has less effect on driving than alcohol

The University of Iowa tested drivers in a real car inside a simulator for weaving within the lane, how often the car left the lane, and the speed of the weaving:

Drivers with only alcohol in their systems showed impairment in all three areas while those under the influence of vaporized cannabis only demonstrated problems weaving within the lane.

"Drivers with blood concentrations of 13.1 ug/L THC, or delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in marijuana, showed only one of the 3 behaviours exhibited by drivers with alcohol in their system, which was increased weaving that was similar to those with a .08 breath alcohol concentration, the legal limit in most states". Driving with cannabis in your system is safer than driving with alcohol in your system at similar concentrations. Reference: https://now.uiowa.edu/2015/06/ui-studies-impact-marijuana-driving

Following this study, and empirical data from states that have legalised cannabis showing no increase in motor vehicle accidents, RESET! is increasing our recommended limit for THC in the system for drivers from 5 ug/L to 12 ug/L. This will provide a lower impairment than a driver with the legal limit of alcohol in their system and lead to greater road safety.

Clinical study: Vaping is safe

Here is one of those gold standard studies Health Minister Greg Hunt loves talking about that proves vaping is safe. From the journal Clinical Science and Glasgow University: "Lung function and respiratory symptoms in a randomized smoking cessation trial of electronic cigarettes"

Smokers invited to switch to electronic cigarettes who {then} abstained from smoking but continued vaping showed steady progressive improvements in their FEF (lung health). Normalization of peripheral airways function was associated with improvement in respiratory symptoms.

Now of course it does matter what you put in the thing, but switching from cigarettes to vaping a nicotine extract and then cutting that back until you are vaping a herbal solution is a proven and safe method of quitting smoking. What this study shows is that continuing to vape as a way of preventing relapse (by continuing the action of smoking but without nicotine) is perfectly safe. Your body will continue to heal from the harm smoking has done while you vape.

http://www.clinsci.org/content/early/2016/08/19/CS20160268 Massey University (NZ) also: http://www.massey.ac.nz/massey/about-massey/news/article.cfm?mnarticle_uuid=D8F456FD-4625-4A3F-9183-AF62BC37F117

Health bureaucrats apologise for delays in processing applications

The story below sums up a lot of what is wrong here. Firstly the TGA just admitted to asking the Pharmaceutical Industry for advice on implementing medical cannabis. Dingo meet creche. Then they introduced rules that were so prohibitive that it takes months to process an application, so when a lot of companies decided they would jump through those hoops anyway, they needed more staff to process the applications. Things that make you go hmmm

An Australian health official has apologised for lengthy delays in processing cannabis applications — but says the government has been swamped by ten times the number it expected. A six-month delay in issuing cannabis licences in Australia has now become a Cabinet-level problem said John Skerritt, deputy secretary for health products regulation. Mr Skerritt was speaking at the Cannatech cannabis conference in Sydney on Tuesday

“I’m very apologetic that there is a greater backlog and delay in processing than we’d like,” Mr Skerritt said at the Cannatech conference. “We have been swamped by interest. We got a well-known big four company [whose name] I won’t mention, to go and survey industry and they came back and said we think you’re going to have about 18 max applications a year. "

The government’s Office of Drug Control (ODC) is now dealing with more than 190 licence applications. As of October 12 it had issued 49 in the two years since the laws were implemented on October 30, 2016. Mr Skerritt said he now has about 12 staff, up from four or five. https://stockhead.com.au/health/very-apologetic-swamped-aussie-officials-are-dealing-with-190-pot-licence-applications/

Medical Cannabis a promising strategy for Endometriosis Pain Management

This article is from 2017 titled "The Clinical Significance of Endocannabinoids in Endometriosis Pain Management" from the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, The Chaim Sheba Medical Center, Ramat-Gan, Israel. The finding was a strong recommendation for medical cannabis' role not only pain management but in helping the condition heal.

"Pain management for patients with endometriosis needs to be more effective, target the hormonal and immunologic environment, downregulate proliferation while enhancing apoptosis, and normalize the invasive mechanisms and neuroangiogenesis processes. Medical Cannabis modulation appears to be a good therapeutic strategy by potentially combining all these factors. Targeting endocannabinoid modulation to treat pain is probably more than just treating the pain as it may impact several levels of the pathogenesis and the proliferation of the disease as well." https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5436335/

What is significant about this article is the level of scientific analysis of how medical cannabis works, how it interacts with the human endocannabinoid system, and how that in turn can alleviate pain. Medical Cannabis is as much about science as pharmaceuticals are.

Pollie Watch

Senator Georgiou called for the legalisation of vaping in the Australian Senate. Thank you Senator. Yes I know that is 2 PHON mentions in a row. Next month I will look at the motion by Senator Leyonhjelm regarding legalising marijuana, which is still playing out in the Senate.

So that is it for this newsletter, I hope you found it useful. Please visit our website at www.resetcampaign.org. and check out our proposal for natural medical cannabis by way of doctor's prescription and filled by a chemist on the PBS.

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