Who came to Singapore and why? by Linus Graaskov

After Singapore became a British settlement in 1819, many people came from all around Asia to settle there. In this Adobe Spark we'll be looking at who came there and why.

Map op South East Asia

By 1822 there were over 10,000 people in Singapore. Most of those people had come from Malaysia and China. But the rise in Population didn't stop there, by 1841 there were over 40,000 people in Singapore!

Pie Chart representing the groups of people in Singapore by 1822

The largest group of immigrants came from China. After some unrest in South China, a group of Chinese fled the country to come to Singapore in search of fortune and safety as well as a better life.


The second largest group of immigrants came from India, they were the Indians. They came to Singapore as traders, workers, and labourers. They were the people who did all the hard work, such as building roads and houses. A few Indians also came with the British working as soldiers. These were called Sepoys.

Sepoys in the Army

Secret Societes

A Crown Colony

The british

When the British came to Singapore they also brought with them their way of life in culture, religion, and language. Some of the British brought their families to Singapore too. But, there was very little work for the wives since their servants that did everything, so they kept themselves busy by organizing or going to parties. The children also did not have much freedom. They had nurses to play with and when they were 7 they would be shipped off to boarding school in Britain. The British did not make much contact with other races in Singapore.

British Children in Singapore

Tigers used to roam the jungles of Singapore. Every month, at least 1 person would be killed by a tiger. The Europeans decided to form a Tiger Hunt Club where they hunted and killed tigers.

Tiger Hunt Club

They would kill tigers by digging a hole, then when the tiger fell in the hole they would throw logs on it and shoot it. Once a tiger cub was caught in the trap, when they tried to kill it the mother tiger jumped out and attacked them. A brave Eurasian named Neil Carnie killed the mother tiger while the police men ran away.


The Chinese settler were the biggest group to come to Singapore. Most of them came to escape poverty and political unrest in China.


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