Canbury School Newsletter 25th September 2020. issue 213

Dear Parents, Students and Staff

Well we're well and truly into the new school year. Covid-apart, it's like we've never been away. Today we all trooped into school wearing our "jeans for genes" and I am very much looking forward to hearing how much money we raised for this great charity. Here's a snap shot of Mrs Hurrell and Mr Bourgi leaving school at the end of the day today - not how my staff usually dress for work, but all in a good cause.

It's Friday!

At assembly today Mrs Rich talked about "Securly Classroom" which is a piece of software we have installed on the Chromebooks. In short, this tell us what your child has up on their screen during lessons. Should they be off task, they will be directed back to the appropriate page. We can all be guilty of becoming side-tracked. This nifty little piece of technology will help us all I am sure! For more information do take a look at: https://www.securly.com/classroom/ And try, like me, not to be too annoyed at the spelling of 'securely'.

Something else I touched on was dismissal times at the end of the day. It's become very busy around the school gate with cars, parents, carers, students and teachers. So to ensure everyone's safety, and following consultation with parents, we are slightly amending finishing time. On Tuesday through to Friday, KS3 will finish at the very slightly earlier time of 3.25pm. Mondays they have Games so finish will remain at 3.35pm. Those students in KS3 who share taxis home with students in KS4/5 will still be dismissed at 3.25pm, but will make their way to the hall where they will be supervised by staff until 3.35pm when they will go home. Finish time for KS4/5 will remain as 3.35pm every day. Let's see if this makes the end of the school day run a little more smoothly.

In other news I have now seen the second version of the school video which we are having produced in lieu of Open Morning and our Senior Welcome Mornings. It's coming along beautifully and I am reliably informed that students acted impeccably when the filming was being done. The video gives a really authentic view of life at Canbury - I will be sharing the finished version next Friday at assembly.

We've peppered the newsletter with comments from some students about how they've found being back at Canbury. They are a joy to read. Keep up the enthusiasm. It's amazing how when school is taken away from students, they find they really want to be here!

Finally I have noticed something very interesting about our new crop of Year 7s - they're amazing artists! I popped into one of their art lessons this week, and I can tell you (as a former art teacher myself) there is some absolute talent in this cohort. I can't wait for our next art exhibition!

Kind regards

Ms Clancy


Students of the week

Year 7

Logan for showing patience and great participation in the wellbeing lessons. Way to go Logan!

Morgan for excellent technique and control in the triple jump.

Year 8

Freddie for a fantastic start on his pop art study in graphics.

Oli for excellent concentration in graphics.

Wonderful Spanish work on holidays from Carlos, Layla, Manuel, Raul, Karim, Olivia, Chloe and Angus.

Freddie and Evia for high quality triple jumps.

Year 9

Great work from everyone who managed to give their opinions about films in Spanish.

Connor for winning his 800m race and running 3:27 in the process.

Orlanda, Ross and Adam for running very respectable times in the 800m.

Year 10

Lucas for a great art lesson and fantastic photographs.

Lauren for fantastic work at home on her mark making and nature studies in art. See below.

Great work Lauren.

Phoebe for excellent attention to detail in her art studies too.

Kiran and Lucas for their efforts in teaching their classmates part of a basketball lesson in BTEC Sport

Alannah for a great effort in the 800m

Matthew and Emilia for excellent map work in Travel and Tourism

Year 11

Evie for a fantastic Van Gogh artist study.

Ellie for a great start on her abstract geometric artwork.

Armani for her detailed drawing study - all making fantastic starts on their year 11 final projects.

Evie for an excellent 800m race which she ran in the time of 3:18

Rhian for excellent technique in the triple jump.

Ned's been busy this week. When not helping in lessons, he can be found making puppy eyes at Mrs Mascari's lunch!

Being back at Canbury: I really like being back at Canbury and seeing everyone again. Even though it may be different, it is still the same as it was before the summer. Being back was strange at first because everyone is in a different year, and our year has the option subjects but it is great anyway!

News from the English department.

Well done to the Year 7 students who have had a brilliant week creating the new Hogwarts with floor plans, mood boards and descriptive writing! Oli in Year 8 has reached page seven already in her creepy horror story and very well done to Year 9 students Anders and Adam for completing their scripted prequel to “Of mice and men.”

Being back at Canbury: Yes Canbury may feel different, but apart from a couple of room changes it’s exactly the same thing! I feel quite comfortable here and I look forward to as much teaching as we can because this is better than remote learning!

Sports round up

As you can see, we've been busy down at Kingsmeadow making the most of the last few days of summer.

We love these two photos. Mr Barnes gives everyone a pep talk, and then KS3 take off, with both Mr Barnes and Mr McGregor joining in. Do as I do!
Morgan gets hula-hooping and Carl takes to the hurdles.

Being back at Canbury: I am really glad I am back in the school and I can see everyone in person again and not on a screen. Also, I am also glad that we have key stage bubbles because you don't need to social distance in them because before, I was worried about how the bubbles were going to work.

House News: Awards and competition results

Alexander - Blue Star 15 House Points

Brendan - Blue Star 15 House Points

Freddie - Blue Achiever 150 House Points

Sam - Blue Star 15 House Points and Green Star 30 House Points

Reenie - Green Star 30 House Points

William - Green Star 30 House Points

Matthew T - Purple Star 45 House Points

Congratulations to KS4 students Max, Armani and Ellie who came 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in this week's kahoot competition.

Next challenge - see you Tuesday (in google classroom)!

Being back at Canbury: There is nothing like teaching in a real classroom with real students in front of me! How I have missed the singing, acting and interaction that accompanies teaching Spanish! It is great to be back and long may it continue!

Being back at Canbury: It’s great to be back at Canbury and I feel I’ve made a great start to the term. It’s been a bit strange being apart from all my friends in Year 8 and 9 but I’m happy we are in social bubbles as I can be with all my friends in Year 10! I have struggled with anxiety a lot and to have friends who accept me is amazing! I have one especially close friend who is the best friend I’ve ever had, she’s always there for me and makes me feel really happy and less anxious.

And now for something completely different......

Writes Year 7 tutor Mrs Haines: "Year 7 have been enjoying different music each morning chosen each day by one of the class and staff. This has been a great way to get to know a little bit more about each other.

So far we have enjoyed the choices of:

Logan - Panic! at the Disco' by High Hopes;

Elizabeth - 'Pendulum' by Tarantula and 'Old Town Road' by Billy Ray Cyrus;

Renee - 'Times like these' - the covid charity cover of the Foofighters' song;

Morgan - 'No sleep 1 hour version';

Mrs Porter - 'Something I should know’' by Duran Duran;

Mrs Knivett - 'New York State of Mind' by Billy Joel;

Mrs Haines- Sheku Kanneh-Mason playing Beethoven's Cello sonata in C.

It turns out that Morgan can play Logan's choice of 'Panic! at the Disco' on his guitar so he has promised to bring it in next week for a bit of a Registration recital!"

Way to go Year 7. We'll have a band and choir by Christmas!

Being back at Canbury: I'm so happy to be back at Canbury. There are some changes but they are not too big and they are only put in place so that we are safe. I was really happy to see all the teachers and my friends. Everyone else seems really happy to be back as well. 

We couldn't resist including this colourful photo of the Carnival Queen Ms Boggi, who arrived in school this week and sent us all into a bit of a spin!

Being back at Canbury: Being back at Canbury was weird at first with a new year and new changes but then as the week started it got easier. The best thing is that I get to see most of my friends.