Ei. As in I. Said like it too. I was born somewhere, In the midst of a global tension. I have seen things every other person has. I am Ei. A survivor. I am living proof. This generation is I see around me is naive, swaddled in technology. Even I am guilty of this. Again, I am Ei. I am no less, but I am more. Protests engulf nations, national leaders ignore ongoing problems, I see all of this, but do nothing to stop it. I strive for world peace but peace cannot come from hatred and arguments. I am Ei. Sitting or standing so somberly, I was where you were right now, and still am. Looking on facebook, instagram or any other social media, even reading this right now, trying and struggling with school, trying to make a good living in this world, trying to find love. I am Ei. I know what it's like because let's face it.... I am you.


Created with images by trioptikmal - "Shanghai Bund"

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