Jackie Roosevelt Robinson By: liku


On April 15, 1947 Jackie Roosevelt Robinson breaks the color barrier and makes his first appearance in the M.L.B ( major league baseball ). And now you are about to read about Jackie Roosevelt Robinson childhood, baseball career and when he retired from baseball and his old life.

Jackie when he was a child


Jackie Roosevelt Robinson was born on January 31st 1919. He had four siblings Mack, Willie, Frank and Edgar Robinson. His mother had hard times taking care of her family. So in 1920 the Robinson's moved to Pasadena in California. Pasadena was a few miles away from Los angeles. When his sister Willie Mae was in kindergarten she took Jackie with her to school because her mother had to work. When they got to California their mother found a job as a maid and she also did cleaning and cooking jobs. Soon their mother had enough money to buy them a house. The house they lived in was good. In the neighborhood people would sometimes try to be mean to their family because they're the only negro family in the neighborhood. But some people would give some respect to Jackie's mother.

Jackie when he was at UCLA


A few years later Jackie's brother Mack went to the Olympics in 1936 in Germany. His brother Mack won 2nd place in the 200 meter dash and he got a silver medal. He set an example for Jackie. In 1939 Jackie attended UCLA, Jackie was a star in baseball, football, and basketball. In 1940 Jackie broke his brother Mack’s record in broad jumper and he stills hold the record. In 1941 Jackie Robinson attended the army for WWII but got injured so he trained troops.

Jackie and his Friend Pee wee

baseball career

When Jackie got back from war he played on a baseball team called the Kansas City Monarchs which was in a negro league. After a few years have passed a guy named Branch Rickey was looking for an african american to play for him because the Dodgers needed some help. So when he saw Jackie he thought that he was the perfect match for him. He signed Jackie to a minor league team called the Royals which was a team that the Dodgers owned. After a few years Branch Rickey thought it was a good choice to let Jackie play for the Dodgers to help them out. But before he could sign Jackie to the Dodgers Branch Rickey wanted to make sure that Jackie wouldn't fight or talk back to anybody that was being mean to him. After Branch Rickey signed him to the Dodgers he was so happy to play in the M.L.B. When it was Jackie's first game some of his teammates would sometimes be mean to him before games. When Jackie made his first appearance on the field a lot the fans were saying boo you suck but that didn't matter to Jackie. Jackie Robinson helped the Dodgers a lot by winning a championship and beating their rival the New York Yankees. Jackie was always a brave person when ever went on to the field. Because he would always stood up for himself because he was a brave man.

Jackie when he retired baseball

old life

A few years later Jackie Robinson retired his baseball career because his hair was turning gray and he was getting slower in baseball. Jackie won the hall of fame reward in ucla and in baseball. After a few months have passed Jackie Roosevelt Robinson had Died October 31st 1972 at his house at the age of 53 years old. He would always be remembered because he was the first african american to play in the M.L.B. and he was a great baseball player.


This is a timeline of Jackie Robinson life

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