CNPS Bulletin 2020 | issue 5 | 24 april

Principal’s Column

Welcome back to a very different Term 2

What a way to start the term. I hope that you all had a restful holiday break with your family during Easter and got to indulge with lots of chocolate Easter eggs. My kids have just about finished their stash of chocolate and have been wondering how their amount of chocolate decreased so rapidly (... yes a few late night raids in the kids chocolate baskets... let's be honest we all do it).

This time last year I wrote to everyone about being understanding and patient over the loss of our many favourite traditions due to Capital Works. Now yet again, it seems that we are repeating the message of understanding and patience. It is not for the loss of space or the loss of many more of our valued traditions we are coming to terms with, but rather from the challenges of being forced into isolation struggling with various issues from job loss, to working from home while providing care for our children or going out as an essential worker amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic. Either way, we are all some how affected and doing the best we can.

I'd like to remind everyone of how wonderful and courageous you all are. Many of you are are dealing with this challenge quite remarkably. What an excellent example of resilience. Most of our emails received from parents have been about the acknowledgement of the remarkable work we have done within this crisis. We have had lots of wonderful feedback from parents and students about the positives of remote and flexible learning. It is wonderful to hear these words and see the amazing work being posted by our teachers, as well as seeing the amazing work from our students.

At CNPS, when life gives us lemons, we sure do make one heck of a lemonade!

Lemonade Being Made: amazing displays of work from home

Lemonade being made within the CNPS community!

Videos and Video Conferencing to Come

Feedback from parents have indicated that they want to see more videos and live video chats. We have been working on developing our processes, so we are anticipating that this will be on it's way next week. What we will need from everyone however is signed form from you (this will be sent out next week) with our updated Digital Technologies Use Agreement, and our Photography, Filming and Recording Consent. As video conferencing is new to this arena, there were a few changes that had to be made. Please be on the look out this coming week for details.

Wellbeing Comes First

It is fantastic seeing such great work from students, but please note that it is imperative for families to consider their wellbeing first. I acknowledge that there are many families out there who are struggling with managing both working from home and providing support for their younger children. IT IS OK. If you are struggling at home, know that we understand that you need to manage your work comittments first. We ask for you to let your child's teacher know so that they can accommodate for your child's learning. If you can manage only 30 minutes a day, this is ok. We recommend reading every day as well as some number facts. Speak to your child's teacher and we can work out a solution that best fits your family. You are also welcome to contact Kyla Mamic on 9354 1660, or leave a message for Joy Freier to call you back (on the same number).


One of our traditions that was sadly missed this year was paying respect at the Annual ANZAC Commemoration to lay a wreath at the Cenotaph at Rogers Reserve to acknowledge the contribution made by men and women who served their country in World War I and other conflicts or peace keeping missions.

Australian Imperial Force Database

The AIF (Australian Imperial Force) project was developed by the University of NSW (UNSW) to locate soldiers who served in World War I. Using the UNSW’s website: https://air.adfa.edu.au/index.html the school has discovered that David James Cairns DOIG resided at 180 O’Hea Road (Street) in 1918.

The link below shows a map constructed by the school using data from the above site of all the men and women who enlisted from the Coburg area during World War I. You may be living in a house or on a site with a connection an ANZAC. Please note that there are approximately another 50 men or women who have not been pinned to this map as there was no specific street address on their record.


We encourage all families to search for ancestors who may have served in WWI and other conflicts.

Lest We Forget

That's all from me, until next fortnight, stay safe,


School Captain's Report

Hello everyone.

I would like to say well done on all your hard work. My teachers tell me that they are really pleased with how well everyone is working. I know that it can get really boring working at home. I would also like to say a big thank you to all the teachers who work so hard to teach us through online learning. Although we still have to do school work at home, you should also take the time to do lots of other fun activities, like going on walks, runs, doing art projects and practising sport. So don't let staying at home get you down, think of it as a cool new experience.

Most important of all, don't forget to stay awesome!

From Esme

Here is a picture of a treehouse that me, my sister and my dad made. If you want to go on it, walk down the train line. Once you get there, feel free to have a go on it! (remember to wash your hands).

Hi everyone, it's Eliza, one of your school captains. During these difficult times, we all need to stick together. I think we are doing a fabulous job at that at CNPS. Home Learning is new to everyone, so it's a big change. It's a bit complicated, but we will all get used to it. I hope everyone is coping with this, and staying in touch with family, friends, their community, and the CNPS community.

Yours sincerely,


At CNPS, we know times are tough so we need to get through this together, as a community. Teachers for home learning are trying their best to help educate our students.

Home learning is chilled and students are trying their best to get through the day.

At CNPS, we know times are tough so we need to get through this together, as a community. Teachers for home learning are trying their best to help educate our students.

From Angus

E-Saftey Webinars

With social isolation now in full force in most homes around the country, children and young people’s online activities are increasing — for education, to socialise with friends and for entertainment.

The eSafety Commissioner is now offering Free Educational Webinars for parents and their children to be a part of during these challenging times.

The new live webinars will be running across April and May and explore the latest research and expert advice for using technology safely, as well as developing the skills to help you and your family stay safe. Some topics to be covered include;

  • Helping kids thrive online
  • Tech, teens and time online
  • Keeping safe and healthy online
  • Keeping your sanity and supporting your kids online
  • My house, my rules
  • Child safety and online learning

Head to https://www.esafety.gov.au/parents/webinars for more information.

News from the Art Room!

I would like to openly thank all of the parents, both past and present who have been involved in the huge renovation of furniture in the Art Room. The parents who were part of this refurbishing were Troy Nutley, Peter Mouskos, Tereza Candioto and Ewan Wilcox. They have been a privilege to work with. I am deeply grateful for the generosity that they have shown with their time, knowledge and materials to co-create an engaging, vibrant and functional art room.

- Margaret Corzo

Parents and Friends

Meet the P&F Team

The Parents & Friends’ group held its AGM this week, where elections were held and the prospects for ongoing fundraising were discussed in light of the COVID-19 shutdown.

So you can get to know some of the identities in the P&F a little better, and to hear why P&F is such a great group to be involved in, here are a few short bios of the main office-holders. Remember, there is still plenty of scope to become involved with the P&F, and … the group is still on the hunt for a vice-president. Feel free to contact the P&F at cnps_pf@hotmail.com

Ruzi Duric, President

This is my second year as President, but I’ve been involved with P&F since 2015 when my daughter, Charlotte, was in Prep. I also have a son, James, in grade 3. The President’s role is to oversee the running of P&F, running monthly meetings (which we have moved to online at the moment). It’s a lot of fun (and a lot of work), organising events to raise money for the school and create some community at the same time. The best bit is hanging out with some amazing parents, who I can now call my friends.

Amelia O’Neil, Secretary

I have two children at CNPS, Rose in Grade 2, and Louis in Grade 4. As secretary, I am responsible for setting agendas and preparing the minutes from our meetings. I also manage the email distribution list, so please let me know if you would like to be added. I joined the P&F because I want to help to continue to develop the strong school community. We love seeing new faces at our meeting and events and hearing new ideas. Don't think that once you come to a meeting, you’ll then then be expected to do everything. You can simply sign up to do what you’re comfortable with. Every little bit helps build our community.

Meredith Dimsey, Treasurer

I’ve been a parent at CNPS for nine years, with two currently at the school - Holly in Grade 5 and Riley in Grade 2. Aside from my role as treasurer, I really enjoy helping out with school events throughout the year, particularly with special lunches. Volunteering offers a window into my children’s school life, shows them I’m involved and opens the door for many great friendships. I’ve always loved the strong community feel of the school, which has endured, even with its rapid growth in recent years. Seeing new faces joining the wonderful P&F group is always welcomed, so please don't be shy. New people always bring fabulous new ideas that help make our school even greater.

Trivia Day

Sadly, due to the current shutdown, the P&F will be unable to stage the annual Mother’s Day stall. But look out for a Compass note from the organisers on some creative ideas for what to do for you mothers and grandmothers on the day.

There will, however, be a Trivia “Event” this year, albeit in a very different form to previous years’ events. The P&F is proposing to hold a virtual Trivia Day using an online platform. Designed to be a family event, the quiz will include questions for the kids, too. At this stage, the event is scheduled for Saturday, June 30, from 3pm.

Community News

Parents & Friends Announcement: Supporting Local Businesses

Over the past years, many local businesses have answered our call for help by donating their goods and services. Through their generosity, we have raised tens of thousands of dollars for our wonderful school. The funds raised have paid for many things including the basketball hoops that the kids have been so happy to have back and the sunshade over the deck. Recently many of these businesses have reached out to P&F to put a shout out on their behalf to our school community.

Given the large list of donors and the rapidly changing environment, it is impossible to list all the generous local businesses and their current circumstances and offerings such as online delivery.

However, we would like to say that if you are considering buying something please just spend a little more time seeing if a local business can provide it. This way you can get what you need and help support the school’s community as well.

​For instance check the web for local food, book or clothing delivery rather than going through a larger more well known company that may not need as much support in these times.

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