Psychology of color


The Color Red Is A Stimulant

Red is a stimulant, so throwing it as an accent in any piece will immediately bring the eye to it. Red is exciting and evokes the feelings of passion, anger, energy. It is also youthful and bold.

Keywords: Passion, boldness, energy, stop signs.


Blue Is A Calming Color

Blue is the overwhelming favorite color, as it invokes feelings of trustworthiness, dependability, and commitment. It also can invoke rest, and can make the body produce chemicals that are calming.

Keywords: ocean, sky, trustworthy, calm.


Brown Is The Color of Stability

Brown is the color of stability, reliability, and approachability. It is the color of our earth and is associate with all things natural and organic.

Keywords: nature, organic, earth.


Gray Is The Color of Intellect

Gray is the color of intellect, knowledge, and wisdom. It is perceived as a neutral color. It is conservative, and is considered a color of compromise.

Keywords: neutral, calm, compromise, wisdom, knowledge, sleek.


Black Is A Strong, Authoritative Color

Black is authoritative, strong, and is associated with the void, or emptiness. When people wear black clothes, they appear thinner.

Keywords: Strong, authoritative, slimming, clothing.


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