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Being a witness is all about telling your story of what you saw or experienced. Some of you may have been deposed for a trial or accident. The directions are quite clear and simple, “tell us what happened.” Being a witness is simply telling your story, your version of what happened. Jesus tells us in Acts 1, “you shall be My witnesses…” The book of Acts is pretty much just that, a personal reporting of what was seen, heard and experienced concerning Jesus.

We are not all that far away from Easter. You recall the women going back from the tomb to tell the disciples what they had seen and heard. The Emmaus disciples, tired from their journey, retiring at the end of the day were re-energized and ran back 7 miles to Jerusalem to tell the disciples that they had seen Jesus. Even the world itself bore witness to the death of Christ and what it meant – God’s payment plan for sin was complete at Calvary.

The sky was darkened. The earth shook and the rocks split. The temple curtain was also torn in two from top to bottom. Each of these, in their own way, had their own story. Each of us in our own way have our own story too. You might say that we are a living new testament!

Tracy is a member of Hope Orlando where I attend. Tracy was afflicted with an embolism and had an episode when God miraculously intervened and saved her life! Returning to work after her leave of absence, her co-workers and regular customers at the restaurant where she works were anxious to hear the story of what happened. As she shared her story with them, customers at other tables would hear bits and pieces of her story and then ask to hear the whole thing. She always shared how God had intervened. After countless times of sharing, she decided to write her story and let others read it. She even laminated the cards telling the story so that she could give it to customers and co-workers. She seized the moment to tell her story and to give God the glory!

Knowing your story of HIS story in your life is powerful to both you and to others. So what’s your story? How has God been active in your life and world?

One of my favorite evangelism tools is to train people how to discover and then share their story of God’s story in their life. I have people look back on their life from the beginning to now and make a time line. They begin by jotting down all the significant events that have occurred in their life. Then they place a dot above or below each timeline event indicating where their relationship with God was at that time- high or low or in the middle. Some dots will stand tall compared to other dots but they each tell a part of your story. Some events will be exciting-like graduation, confirmation, marriage, buying your first home and the birth of your children or grandchildren. Others will be sad, like the death of a parent, spouse or other family members. Sickness, disease and divorce may also be a part of your story. Don’t leave these out of your life’s timeline. They are all a part of your unique and powerful story of how God has been at work in your life, every bit of it.

Upon completion of this timeline, it is evident that neither the great things nor the sad things tell the entire story of our life. Life for the Christian is a daily journey with Jesus!

The timeline reveals to us that God was with us when we were going through those sad or hard times! We were not alone! Many times Christians find that it is in the tumultuous times of life that God uses that time to make us stronger and to bring us closer to Him and other Christians.

We often see new strength, meaning and purpose in life itself. An undiscovered beauty and depth of life is revealed.

All of this can be powerful and hope giving to both us and others who might be going through a rough patch.

The joyous times of our life are also strong reminders how God has breathed grace into our daily life telling us, “I really do love you. Don’t be surprised I hear and answer your prayers. I am here. I am with you always!”

Your life is your story and it is your privilege to witness and share your story of HIS Story in your life with others.

  • What is your story of His story lived out in your life?
  • How will you share your story?
  • What opportunities do you have?

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