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#notjustjanuary campaign

Motivation. Well-being. Inspiration. Fitness. Health. Ambition. Community. Culture.

That's what we're about. You are too? Then join us in making Gruntz Fitness the new name in the fitness and health community. We are looking for people who are focused on making a positive difference in the lives of others, and who already embody what it means to be a part of the Gruntz Community. Our current campaign, #notjustjanuary, encourages people to jump-start their motivation any day, and not wait for New Year's Resolutions to make a change.

Who is Gruntz Fitness?

We are a group of motivated individuals that believe in helping others achieve their personal health goals, and we stop at nothing for them. Not only do we provide training, meal plans, prepacked meals, online and mobile app access to make it easier to follow, but we connect with local businesses that also believe in well-being, provide and cultivate a community of others with similar goals, make it a priority to give back, and focus on staying active.

What's in it for me?

We understand that people have different things that motivate them. Tell us what motivates you. Want us to promote you? We can do that. Maybe you want to contribute to our blog? Hey, let's make it happen. Need to use our space to host a kombucha-making class? We're all for it. Want a dollar for each like you inspire? Let's negotiate. It goes without saying that with any revenue you can prove was brought in by you, we will cut you in on.

Sounds awesome. How does it work?

Great question! We will send you some exclusive GSF (Gruntz Special Forces) Gear, and you wear it. It's that easy. Well, okay, you have to be proud and show off that you're wearing it. But that's easy too--just do what you love to do - workout, lift weights, go running, make your special healthy version of queso-dip, visit a cool new place that promotes well-being and healthy living, and hashtag #notjustjanuary #gruntzfitness. That's it. Once a week, we'll have a check in and see what's working and, maybe if there's something we can improve. Your feedback is crucial to making this program, you, and Gruntz a success!

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