FBGM Tpain/yoUngma

We open with a hero shot as Pains vocals drop. We are at the crest of Kennesaw mountain the female lead as throwing money in the sky in slow motion it rains down. We then establish Pain posted by the 64. It's clear that's it's some type of celebration. Pain and his beautiful partner in crime just hit a few licks and dodged the law in the process.

As the verse starts the video goes back to journey that led up too the celebration. We capture Pain and his leading lady as the make power moves throughout the city. Hitting various trap spots and undisclosed locations. Gangster like a 2017 Bonnie and Clyde and Edgy like Natural Born Killers. The bad ass lead is a beautiful female that has BossLike swag. She walks in the different locations and immediately secures the bag. Pain waits unbothered in the hero car which in this case is "64.

Each location has a unique setup making each pick up a little mysterious. The leading lady encounters other sexy females along the journey. It's clear that our lead loves women just as much as Pain. Along our journey TPain and lady will enjoy their money and enjoy the women that come along with it. The trap house, the strip club, avoiding the police, girl on girl fun, all of this takes place in this visual .....

We will keep performances from the first video. We will utilize anamorphic lens to recapture the great look. Our driving scenes are very important so a car mount and a drone will be utilized.

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