C'est bonne magnifique Created by: christina morales

Technique of the Artist

It is irrevocably known that Frida Kahlo has a tremendously unique painting style. Most people think of Frida Kahlo and immediately think of: self-portraits. Though she only paints self-portraits, they contain an incredible amount of symbolism. These symbols directly relay to experiences throughout her life - both the good and the bad. Her technique is one that brings a different perspective in terms of what I see. I like the fact that it really deviates from typical artistic styles (such as landscapes or portraits of others). I find it so fascinating that Kahlo painted herself while including different symbols that relate to something in her life, so she really is painting herself raw if you think about it. She chose to tell the world such personal anecdotes but in a more obscure way: as symbols in her paintings and not a blatant statement. Her art just makes me feel so empowered.

Art and the good life

I think that this artwork really displays a clear example of living the good life. This artist wanted to provide the world with a different kind of art: abstract art. It is really interesting to see artists deviate from traditional modern art. It gives the world the opportunity to look at life from a different perspective, something I tend to do a plethora of the time. I love looking at things with a different perspective if there is something I cannot think clearly about. Abstract art can tell so much in a way that you would not really expect. He painted his art while not clearly following any sort of rules - he created art that I am sure he loves; he painted it in the way that made him happy, rather than painting something beautiful that would merely appeal to the masses.

Art and core values

One of my core values has to be desire. I have this desire instilled in me to travel the world, to meet new people, to garner new cultural toolkits. I love going to new places and assimilating fully into the culture that I have just been thrust into. An artwork as beautiful as this one evokes a sense of desire to travel in me that I want to follow more than anything. I think desire plays a big part in the good life, and this is because desire drives us to do more with our lives. We are pushing ourselves to try and reach this goal that we have created for ourselves, and this painting definitely bolsters this fact. I, myself, would irrevocably love to dive into this painting, to feel the invigorating sea breeze one must feel whilst walking along the shore depicted here.
Design of the museum

The outside garden filled with the myriad of different flowers is probably my favorite part of the entire Harn museum. I love that it is such a beautiful and open space that brings such a strong sense of idyllic tranquility. The complementing of the streaming fountain adds to the sense of peacefulness that could also be found in the rest of the museum - I say this because of the quiet amazement everyone seems to be in while walking around inside. I find it really interesting that art does not have to contain the mediums paint or charcoal or marble but could also be landscapes as well! It is not inherently known that a garden could also be art, but what with the design and placement of the different structures, there is an artistic sense of amazement that draws the visitors, including myself, in so wholly.

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