Onlg Daughter Connotation pedro flores

Cisneros refers to herself as an “only daughter” and “only a daughter”.

The connotative impact of these words are negative because cisneros felf sad and lonely being the only female child in her family

The denotation of the words "only daughter are that she was the onlg girl girl in her family.

Cisneros’s father boast that he has “siete hijos”.

The connotative impact of both definitions of hijos is that the father prefers having 7 sons over 6 sons and 1 daughter. He thinks it's better to have more sons.

The denotation of the word hijos is children and sons.

Cisneros laments that her father refers to her as a “maestra” not even a “profesora”.

The connotative impact of these words are a teacher person who has by profession teach a science an art a technique etc.

The denotation of the words teacher and professor .... Teacher means a person who teaches, especially in a school. Professors often teach in the universities.


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