Mission In the process of change

The experience i went through in order to acquire these shots have and still affect me a lot. Growing up in the mission its all about art, graffitti is everywhere. Mission street is known for the amazing murals and colorful art work we carry. Inspired by Victor Landwebber , capturing these environmental shots made a connection with my culture. The reason lots of photographers capture images is to see their point of view and make an argument without using words.

''Small community, lots of culture''

Vincent Lanwebber's photograph. Initially i thought this was a photograph of the past and his argument was stating or showing how life was much better before change.

''The attraction of hipsters'' This store, originally, was aimed for the lower class. People who struggled on affording clothes. Now these stores like goodwill are called thrift stores, a new type of fashion kind of like a trend, where stylish people shop for clothes because of their vintage style. Thus some stores have raised their prices which sometimes go over the regular price compared to stores that are very pricy.

Old hotel now used as a public parking lot that's very expensive. Capitalism just sucks the life out of everything as long as it provides money flow. This parking lot is usually occupied by young adults who go out and party on the weekends which explains how the city at night is still alive.

It's common seeing tractors since there's lots of housing construction and remodeling. Its also common to see lots of buildings on sale and later seeing new neighbors eyeing you with disgust as if your appearance was an insult to them. Racism has gone up since the new owners of restaurants or buildings believe in the stereotypes that have been hegemonized into them and feel the need to exclude or separate tables from Latinos, which has happened to my family.

Always catching glimpses of amazing graffiti, although some graffiti is just random words from people who party too much when the giants win world series or when they drink too much. Their actions sometimes causes murals to be repainted or taken off sine they're considered damaged

Valencia street, where all the restaurants have their own communities because only people with money can afford their expensive dishes. Where thinking because they have some Spanish stuff entitles them to the latino community and automatically cancels out the fact that they're driving families out every year.

Buses are the best and cheapest transportation around, cheap. Unlike the Mission district

Some mysterious fire took on popeyes right after the building Vida had finish their new building.

New mission more like new commercial building.

No history , No self. Know history, Know self.

This photos describe the life of my neighbors, my family, my community, my culture and me. Our works are similar because we captured moments of the whole area. We are making arguments and statements, we are showing the audience what our eyes see. It's different because I'm an activist and will use this to create or support a cause.

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