Selma March The March t0 equality

before the March

In Alabama not many black people were able to vote because of their race. This didn't really draw support for the march for voting rights, but when a protester by the name of Jimmie lee Jackson was killed during a peaceful march, he took part in. The event was recorded on national television, which full people with rage and more people started to join in on the march that Martin luther king jr. planned.

During The march

After Jimmie jackson killing, the number of protesters grew,including whites. Helping the cause for the march. The goal of the march was to allow blacks of the south, be able to vote. When the first attempt failed, segregation supporters found a white protester and killed him. When Martin luther king jr. marched again with the blacks and whites protesters. The state troopers and the governor of Alabama stood in their way and try to stop the march.

The outcome of the March

When the protest was coming to a end, The President activated the Voting Rights Act. This allowed every American to vote regardless of race.

Black lives matter

Similar to black lives matter, after the men that were killed by the police and it was broadcasted across America. The Black lives matter protested about it and marched though the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota and many other city of America. In order to try to prevent the killings of black men, by the police.

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