Organic pest manAgment Jacobs Farm/Del Cabo

We believe in using all organic techniques in our farming practices. Yes, we do use sprays occasionally and they are all organic. We first try and attract predators of the invasive insect which are harmless to the crops. We are trying to rid mites and thrips from our basil by attracting the rove beetle using the "Black Pearl" pepper plant.

Here we are removing all the peppers from the plant but, it is necessary to leave the flowers. The flowers produce pollen that attract the Rove Beetle and other predators of mites and thrips.

Dustin Cuttler extracts the ripe peppers before transplanting.

Matt Smiley checks the sample cards to see what insects are present and where they are concentrated.

We were successful with this technique and did not have to use any sprays keeping our crops healthy and 100% organic.

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Eric Wilson

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