Nonamia the land with no name

Nonamia is a mystical land where myths and the real world join together. Unicorns are real, so are dragons (so remember to bring your spf 10'000). There are white sand beaches, and beautiful clear blue water. WARNING ONLY SWIM IN THE BAY AS IN THE OCEAN THERE ARE SEA MONSTERS (including serpents and squids).

The map of Nonamia

This is the only known map of Nonamia. I made it. So first i will tell you about the town. In the town the only houses are mansions like this one under neath this text box. It has a beautiful hotel that people can stay in for months at a time. The store plaza has a Dollar Store, a Walmart, a Cosco, a Superstore, a Tim Hortans, and a Starbucks. The Rainbow Llama Forest is filled with Rainbow llama's they have rainbow hair and they are very sophisticated. The unicorn forest is where the unicorns live and people go there to pay for there crimes, if a unicorn comes to you it means you can go back to the town and your crimes have been undone, if a unicorn dosent come to you it means your gonna die alone in the forest. The dragon forest is where joe the wild dragon lives currently she is hatching her five eggs but don't worry they will take a while to hatch. DO NOT GO INTO THE FOREST WITHOUT A GUIDE! We are currently studying the ruins as no human has been here before us so there is probably a giant curse on the island but don't worry! The docks keep out the sea monster and ships dock there every day! (usually in pieces). The Great Tree has been there for thousands of years from what we can tell and it is a new type of tree that we have never seen before. Fred and Billy are our sea monsters they are pretty cool... when they aren't trying to kill you.

All the houses here look like this.

We made all of these houses mansions because they are more comfortable to live in. While exploring this island we found a new precious metal it is fire proof and we used the metal for the outside of the houses so the dragons don't burn your house down. All the house have three stories, and five bedrooms.

this is a sketch of the dragons in Nonamia

all "myths" you know, Unicorns, dragons, rainbow llamas, they all come from Nonamia. the artist that drew this sketch told people that they actually saw it but everyone thought they were crazy... until now.

our school is huge! must be a grat education.

we have a very nice dictator she named herself president but we all like her so it's ok! her name is miss potato pants, JUST KIDDING no really her name is Mischa. she is a good ruler, keeps to herself mostly. She makes sure the monsters don't hurt us, and she makes sure we are all fed well and not starving, she keeps the ruins stable and takes tour groups to "see" the dragon! (they don't come back often). You see we have a strange Government here. Mischa rules all, and her secretary advises her, keeps her in check, and holds her calls. Her secretary's name is Betty.

our noble dictator
sometimes she drinks too much...water
she was schooled in Nonamia they did a grat job!
Don't worry the job sign up does NOT look like this... anymore.

We have many great jobs here in Nonamia. The jobs available are farmer, baker, Starbucks worker, fireman, doctor, store workers, chef, Tim Hortans workers, technology salesmen, and meat herders!


Please choose this to be your new home! located in the middle of the bermuda triangle! All humans ignore what we just said and come live here!

For entertainment we have an amusment park, water park, and a machine that kills humans!

this is our flag!


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