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Regional Transportation Needs

Transportation plays an important role in people's lives. Seniors need access to medical care, groceries and other basic life needs. Unemployed workers without cars need transportation to training and workplaces. Even the least vulnerable of us can face drastically altered transportation needs if we lose our ability or privilege to drive. These needs, and the services provided for them, can collectively be called Public Transit and Human Services transportation.

While the need for these services continues to increase, resources remain limited. Currently, many social service programs that serve the elderly, children, low-income, and people with disabilities either operate independent transportation programs, or have no transportation at all. The result is either duplication in transportation services; or people with unmet transportation needs.

Central Louisiana Coordinated Transportation Coalition

The Central Louisiana Coordinated Transportation Coalition (CLCTC) is a group of organizations working together to improve the quality and accessibility of service to better address the regional transportation needs of transportation-disadvantaged people in Central Louisiana.


The purpose of the CLCTC is to improve mobility for people with limited transportation options due to age, income, disability, limited English proficiency or other limiting factor. It brings together individuals and organizations to share information; assess needs of local communities and existing transportation service; provide recommendations to improve the system; and educate decision-makers, community groups, and the general public.

The Coalition responds both to FAST Act and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development requirements for receiving federal and state funds. It also guides the Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan outlining strategies to meet the ever increasing transportation needs in Central Louisiana, including Avoyelles, Catahoula, Concordia, Grant, LaSalle, Rapides, Vernon, and Winn Parishes.


A coordinated transportation network that allows all people to move freely around the Central Louisiana region.

The Goals of the Coalition include the following:

  • Broad based community representation and participation on the Coalition;
  • Transparency and open communication between system providers, funders and users;
  • Enhanced mobility for the entire community; and
  • Coordination, efficiency and availability of transportation services that meet the specific needs of people who are transportation disadvantaged.

The Coalition's goals are achieved through the following strategies:

  • Closing Transportation Gaps
  • Connecting the System
  • Closing Awareness Gaps
  • Advising Coordinated Human Services Transportation Planning

Transportation Coordination

As identified in the 2018 Coordinated Plan, there are vast unmet transportation needs in all communities throughout Central Louisiana. Few communities can afford to support transportation services. Beyond the obvious waste of empty seats on buses and vans, the duplication of maintenance programs, dispatching, driver training, insurance, and other administrative and operations functions is inefficient and costly.

Repeated studies identify lack of transportation as among the top obstacles to employment and full participation in community life for older adults, persons with disabilities, families on public assistance, and others.

Transportation coordination is cooperation in the delivery of transportation services. Coordination occurs when transit providers, human service agencies, private institutions, businesses, volunteers and political leaders work together to expand transportation access to increase regional mobility.

Central Louisiana Coordinated Human Services Plan, Adopted 2018

Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan

for Central Louisiana

The Coordinated Human Services Transportation Plan is the roadmap for building a coordinated transportation system and was adopted in December 2018. The Plan is intended to guide policies and provide goals, objectives, and techniques used for public involvement, planning and coordination activities to be conducted by the Rapides Area Regional Planning Commission, the Transportation Advisory Committee and local partner agencies to provide coordinated public transit and human services transportation in Central Louisiana.

Ultimately, it is meant to broaden the dialogue and support further collaboration between local and regional human service agencies and transportation providers to link people with the transportation services that they want and can use.

Meetings are scheduled quarterly and open to the public.

For more information contact:

  • Nick Blackstone
  • (318) 487-5401, ext. 34
  • nick@rapc.info

Next Coalition Meeting Schedule & Topics

  • When: Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021 10:00 AM Central Time
  • Where: Virtual Meeting - Zoom Conferencing (see agenda for link)


Contact our ADA Coordinator for special meeting accommodations at 318-487-5401, ext 15.


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