Picture this Draw (and Label) 3-4 objects from the text

Reenter the text and find 3 places where the object is mentioned. Write three sentences about how the characters feel, react, or think about the object based on the three page numbers.
Make friends with your book!
Rewrite your sentences and create a blank where the object is (*or replace it with a post it note).
Post Its=true learning :)
Whatever the object symbolizes should be able to be replaced in at least 2 of the 3 sentences.

it is really obvious if you pick the wrong word, but frequently there is more than 1 word/phrase that is appropriate to use.

What does this represent?
What is this lesson really about?


Review definition of symbol - an object/colour/action that represents an idea. AKA something that you can see representing something you can't see.

What are some symbols in "Tuesdays with Morrie?"

It has to show up in the story more than once to be a symbol!


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