Macbook Pro Commerce Assignment - Isabella Warrand

1. Description of the good, detailing its main features (eg brand, size, colour, features).

The new MacBook Pro is one of the fastest and most powerful laptops on the market. It is thinner and lighter than other MaceBook Pro, Apple has introduced one of the brightest and most colour displays ever. Now there is a touch bar that is part of the MacBook, this has never been added to any other computer before. A touch bar is a Multi-Touch–enabled strip of glass built into the keyboard for instant access to the tools you want when you want them, It helps when trying to find things quickly and it is convenient. There is also now a Touch ID available on the Mac, this allows quick and easy access to logins and fast secure Apple Pay payments. Features include brighter LED backlighting and an increased contrast ratio which means it has deeper blacks and brighter whites. The speakers have been redesigned to provide twice the dynamic range and up to 58 per cent more volume, with two‑and‑a‑half times louder bass for maximum boom. This new MacBook Pro is a standout from the crowd as it is in front of the game.

Main Features: Macbook Pro 13 inch with Touch Bar and Touch ID, Apple 13 inch, 1.37kg and 14.9mm. Can come in the colours of Space grey or Sliver. It has up to 10 hours of battery life, Touch Bar and Touch ID and Retina Display. It has a massive storage of 256 GB, 720p, Facetime HD camera and Stereo Speakers with high dynamic Range

2. An analysis of the key factors which affected your choice of the good. Consider product reviews, competing products, price, marketing, branding, environmental considerations.

The marketing is a huge factor that is considered when buying a product. The more they market it, the more you will remember it and most likely you will buy it. For example the MacBook Pro Advertisement above gets people engaged as it is only short ad quick so they can show it many times in different places. By having this advertisement it makes me feel like I want to buy a MacBook Pro and that I should have one in my life. It is entertaining which makes consumers (especially myself) feel upbeat about going to buy a new laptop. They don't mention the price within this add which means people would go to the store to buy one not even thinking about the money they are about to spend which is a very clever marketing tool from apple.

Product reviews impact the choice of which laptop I'll choose. If it has absolutely terrible ratings I would not buy the product. In the product review above it states the good, the bad and the bottom line. This helps to give a good outline of the product in a quick summary. It states that the touch bar works, apple has worked hard to make their computer a lighter, thinner version with a larger touchpad and how the Touch ID works well. It talks about the bad, that you are paying a hefty premium for just a touch bar on your computer. The problem with having only one USB port means that you are now going to need to carry around a number of adapters. The overall view is that despite the limitations that Apple's smart, useful Touch Bar makes it well worth it. Overall, this review was very helpful when finding out more about the product and whether I should buy it or not.

Above: Table used from

A good comparison also persuades me. This comparison shows that all of the other brands are offering most if not more than what Apple is. Though the Apple computer is double the price of other computers, it offers things that these computers don't. For example, the touch bar (this has not been invented by anyone else) and the Touch ID on laptop. These features would cost more so if people are willing to pay more, they will buy these features. By looking at the comparison, I can see what the MacBook Pro has and want it doesn't and what I would be missing out on it I got another laptop.

Overall, Apple has branded itself to a large diverse audience. Especially at Roseville College we can see that the majority of students have at least one Apple device. If you don't have a Apple device it is something you want because 'everybody' has one. Apple has very cleverly branded their multi-million dollar company to a large audience and so by putting millions into their marketing campaign it is worth it. Through this I have seen that because the Macbook Pro is so popular, I want one too, enticing me more to buy a Macbook Pro. Apple have made their company known worldwide, so wherever you go you will at least see one person with an Apple product. Their branding has made them a massive player in this industry and many people have apple devices. If it wasn't for branding I would not have thought of a MacBook Pro as I would not have known what it was.

Another key factor is whether Apple is environmentally friendly, from doing some research on their site it looks like they are trying to become more environmentally friendly. They are creating solar energy projects to reduce their carbon footprint. They are switching to greener materials to create a safer product. They are protecting working forests and making sure they are sustained. They have also created a way for robots to take apart products to use again.

Convenience plays one of the major impacts when choosing a product. The closer the shop is the more it appeals to people. The apple store is only 5-10 minutes away from Roseville in the car meaning it is quick and easy to get there. It is then hassle free when you get there as there are many car spaces. If I chose not to buy the product from apple JB Hi FI is very close. It appeals more as there is the convenience of having other shops around to compare the prices with.

Shows the Touch Bar, as well as the high quality speakers and the high resolution pictures

Shows the Touch Bar and the different uses it has

3. Outline where (source and location) you will buy your good, justifying your choice.

Apple: $2,699

Harvey Norman: $2,698

Bing Lee: $2,699

JB HI FI: $2,648

I would buy direct from the Apple store because Apple does a price match if there is a lower price e.g $2,648. Also at Apple if something goes wrong it is easy to return and they are very helpful. If you get it from the Apple store the laptops are always up to date and have the latest update, other stores are not always reliable with this. However, at the same time I would consider buying from JB HI FI as it does have a 2 year warranty so if something goes wrong they are able to repair /replace it with no extra cost. On the other hand Apple offers only a 1 year warranty or under the Australian consumer law its meant to be 24 months since the date you brought it. Apple also offers Apple Care Protection for 3 years after the date of purchase however, you have to pay more. I would also buy from JB HI FI because it saves money. Apple Store provides the best customer service and it is for this reason that overall I would buy from the Apple store and that they will price match.

4. Identify two alternatives for payment of your good. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using each. Which method will you use and why?


Credit Card:

Which method would I use and why?

I would choose to pay by credit card as cash in this instance is an inconvenient option. I would have to get a lot of money out of an ATM before even getting round to purchasing the laptop. Cash would also be very bulky as there would be a lot of money to carry around. If my money got stolen it would not be able to be replaced and it would be a massive amount to be stolen. With a credit card, I can just pay it back later, I don't have to carry a lot of cash around and If my credit card did get stolen, it is easily replaceable. A credit card is the easier method to use for payment in this instance.

5. Imagine, unfortunately, there is a problem with your good following your purchase. Create a flowchart showing the process of resolving the issue. You should include reference to the law in this area.

6. A correctly cited bibliography in MLA style (see diary or Library portal page).


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