Satchel Paige by: Jeffrey Hunter

Early Life

Born in Mobile Alabama was born Leroy Paige in 1906.Leroy was not born into a wealthy family in fact when he was just a young child he was working.He worked at a train station to support his family.

At this job he got a nickname that stuck for a long time.Leroy came up with idea of using a stick to hold more satchels(bags), this is how he got the nickname satchel.He stole jewelry,but he caught and was sent to reform school and his life changed.At reform school his talent for pitching was noticed. Thats when he started to play baseball.

Why He is Famous

Satchel is famous for playing baseball,but Satchel was a colored baseball player.At first Satchel had to play in the negro baseball league ,even though he should have been in the major league.Leroy played all around the country he even went out of the country to play the game of baseball.

Satchel was an amazing player no matter what Satchel was a great player.He had to work hard and stay determined to stay in the game he loved.It was hard for Satchel in the negro league he wasn't making money, so he had to go out of the country to make money.All of his hard work and determination made him a good role model.This led to Satchel becoming famous.


Did you know that Leroy was 42 when he became a rookie, he holds the record for the oldest rookie. Satchel was voted to be in the Major league All star game two times. Paige was also named to the Hall of Fame in 1971. Paige was also introduced to the Missouri sports Hall of Fame.

What Impact Did He Have

Satchel showed no matter what your skin color is you can be good at anything . He is know as one of the best pitchers in baseball history. He showed that African Americans can do anything that white people can do.

How He Is Celebrated

Satchel has a movie made about him. Some people say that Satchel had the best fast balls ,but we will always remember Satchel as the greatest person to play baseball.


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