Short story By: Owen C.

Shopping Free

Burke, Simon, and I want to go to to the mall, and we go. We get there at like 8 and the mall closes at 9ish. We get going into the stores, and right when we leave the store all the lights and store are shut down. We all look at each other and smile like we are hyper in which we are. We have a challenge and thats trying not to get caught by security.

We put our things by an exit so if we get seen we run for that exit and leave. We started walking around the mall and we saw a few guards. We started playing hide and seek but we had our phones on vibrate so we couldn’t get caught if they were near one of us. I walked around the corner and I made eye contact with a security. “HEY! What are you doing in here” said the security. I started running away, I called Burke and he picked up instantly because he was calling me when I started to call him because, he made eye contact with security too and they saw him.

I asked Burke where he was he said zumiez and I just ran passed the store a few minutes ago. I started running the other way I came from and I looked around the corner and I saw burke just waiting there for me. Burke called Simon and he was like across the store. Burke and I started running the way I came from and found a map and Simon was 3 rows away. Burke and I are running across the store and we saw 2 securities talking to each other while Burke and I were just running so fast across the mall.

We just passed Simon and we stopped and we ran to him as quick as we can. We met up and we tried to stay silent through the entire store but that never happened. We were just normally walking because we were out of breath. I looked over and I found the room with all the keys and the power to the entire building.

I ran over to the door and they followed, I opened up the door and surprisingly it was unlocked. I turned of the cameras so they couldn't see us if they came to the room. We got out of that room asap because they could show up anywhere at anytime. When we left I remembered about our stuff by an exit so we started running towards that exit but when we got there our stuff was gone.

We went to go find the security to give us our stuff back. I looked around the corner and I found 3 securities in one hall talking to each other. I started to walk over there to tell them to give us our stuff back. “Give us our stuff back” I said. “No, there is no 24 hour night challenges in the mall” they said. “ We weren’t doing 24 hour night challenges in the mall we got stuck in here after the store closed”. “Get them” they said. We started running for an exit acting like we were leaving but once we lost them we would open the exit door for the alarm to go off so they would be thinking that we escaped but we were really trying to find our things we bought.

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