Christianity Gaben Potts

Christianity is the belief of Jesus Christ and his life. Jesus is the prophet and is said to be the son of god. The religion was founded upon Judaism and started in the middle east. Jesus was born in Bethlehem in a manger or trough.

Jesus being crucified

The holy book of Christianity is know as the Bible and contains stories of Jesus Christ. Christians usually pray in churches. A important site of worship is Bethlehem where Jesus was born. The religious leader of Christianity is the pope.

Religious leader the pope
Jesus Born in a manger

Different sects of Christianity include Catholicism and Lutheran. Sects are groups of a a bigger religion that have different beliefs and values than the traditional. The Catholic church has the most members than any sect of Christianity.

A holiday where Jesus is worshiped is Christmas, the day that he was born. Many people celebrate this day by going to church and spending time with family. Good Friday is the day Jesus was crucified and is celebrated the Friday before Easter Sunday. Easter Sunday was the day that Jesus rose from the dead.


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