Technology Literacy Narrative Eduardo aldana

My First Computer

This is the first computer that I had when I was 7 years old. The reason I chose this picture was because it looks exactly like the desktop computer I got. This is the most common desktops that every kid saw when they were 7 years old. When you talk to someone about the computers from elementary school, this is exactly what they picture.

When I got my first desktop computer it was 2004 and I was 7 years old. There wasn’t much to do on this computer; all I could do was play solitaire, 3D space pinball, and Microsoft Paint. I remember using floppy disks to save my “masterpieces” on paint. These were the very same computers that were in my school computer labs. I remember having computer lab days and always looking forward to them. The first half of the time in the computer lab we would practice our typing skills with a program that the school used. The 2nd half of the time would be used for free time and we were allowed to play games on, Millsburry, and Club Penguin. Always loved computer lab days because I got to practice my typing skills and play games which I couldn't do at home on my computer. This was my first major experience with technology. To me technology is a collection of tools. Tools vary from various items like fire, weapons, phones, computers, Internet, word etc.

I chose to use this video of 3D Pinball Space Cadet because it goes through all the original sound effects. To many students around my age will always remember the sound effects from this game. I could play this video and the sound effects with a black screen and students would be able to recognize what game it was without hesitation.

My First Xbox 360

I decided to use this picture to represent my first xbox 360 because this is the exact model that I had when I was 11 years old. It was the first console system that I bought myself and it opened the world of gaming to me. It was the first system that I had that had online capabilities. Being able to play online was a game changer, got to play competitively in Halo 3. As a player getting to play online versus other players from around the world was awesome because you got to meet them and talk to them.

In 2008 when I was 11 years old I bought my first Xbox 360, and 1 game, which was Halo 3. At the time Internet connections sucked and I couldn’t play online while someone was using the phone. Due to DSL, which uses broadband connection, the wiring placed for phone services was also used to provide Internet access. Not being able to use Internet and phone services simultaneously caused a lot of problems while I was playing online. My mom would get a phone call and I would yell out not to pick it up because I was in the middle of Game/Mission and I would lose all the progress that I have made. Overtime that wasn’t a problem DSL wasn’t used anymore. The first real frustration I had with technology was when my first Xbox 360 got the "Red Ring of Death", once an Xbox gets the "Red Ring of Death" it is no longer playable, all data is lost on the Xbox. This was such a frustration because I had to get a new Xbox and start from scratch on all games.

I decided to use this Meme because it is the Epitome of the internet in 2008. This is funny because many gamers and users of the internet can relate to this meme. Not being able to use the Internet and the phone at the same time was a major struggle at the time. I couldn't play Xbox Live while my parents were on the phone and it was the worst thing ever.

My First Phone

I am using this picture of the Env3 because it is the first phone that I got when I was in 8th grade. This phone at time was a middle of the line phone. It was kind of advanced because of the QWERTY keyboard attached to the phone. No more having to deal with T9 texting or having to push the number 9 four times to get to the letter "Z".

In 2010 at 13 years old I finally got my first phone, it was the Env3. The following year I upgraded to an iPhone 4S, at the time I didn’t know how much I was going to like it but since the iPhone 4S I have come to own every single iPhone to date including the iPhone 7 Plus. Getting the iPhone 4S introduced me to a new world, the Apple world. I started to buy more and more apple products and now they are the only products that I use. I use my MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and iPhone 7 Plus every single day.


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