Binge-Worthy Netflix Shows NEW EDITIONS

Ginny and georgia

2021 ∙ TV-14 ∙ Comedy/Drama ∙ 1 Season

Ginny is a 15 year old girl living in Texas whose father suddenly passed away. She then moves with her younger brother and lively mom, 30 year old Georgia, to a tiny New England town in Massachusetts called Wellsburry. There, Ginny will learn to deal with the recent events in her life and Georgia will learn to move on from her past.


2008 ∙ TV-G ∙ 2 Seasons ∙ Sitcom

As Netflix has begun to add many childhood favorites, they made sure not to forget about this one. Carly is a young teenager who is living in Seattle. When a video of her and her best friend Sam accidentally is put on the internet, they decided to create their own online web show in her own home called iCarly.


2020 ∙ TV-MA ∙ 1 Season ∙ Romance

This period drama series is based on Julia Quinn's novels that takes place in a competitive Regency London high society. The show follows Daphne Bridgerton who is the eldest daughter of a very powerful family and like all the other first class girls, is competing for a suitor.

The queen's Gambit

2020 ∙ TV-MA ∙ Limited Series ∙ Historical Drama

Elizabeth Harmon is an orphan who is on a mission to become the world's greatest chess player while also struggling with personal problems of her past as well as her addiction to drugs and alcohol. The show begins with her as a child and continues as she grows into an adult.

Fate: The winx saga

2021 ∙ TV-MA ∙ 1 Season ∙ Drama

The series is a live action of the original Nickelodeon Winx Club show. It takes place in the Otherworld, a magical dimension where fairies live. The story follows Bloom, a teenage fire fairy and her group of friends in the school of Alfea as study the world of magic and fight evil.

Cobra kai

Revamped with a new season

2018 ∙ TV-14 ∙ 3 Seasons ∙ Action Fiction

This "Karate Kid" sequel series takes place decades after the 1984 All Valley Karate Tournament. Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence are middle aged and martial arts rivals once again. When Johnny rescues a bullied kid, Miguel, he then becomes inspired to open his own Cobra Kai Dojo.