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Resume 2016-2017
This project was about very important historians who thought out of the box. For their creativity, dedication, and hard work, they made a place in history. I chose to study Andreas Vesalius because his work has always been interesting to me.
Crater High School has a very special fans that live across the fence line of the track and football field. These special fans built a Crater Luxury box to watch the games, in the free entertainment of their own backyard. During our 2016-2017 Crater Football game, these special fans made a very special request. They asked Crater's school of Bis students to create a T-shirt with chest logo. This was my creation for their design. What I learned from this experience is that computer designing is a profitable bussiness.
Crater High School loves to support the community. As the school year ventures more into summer time, the big Country Crossing Music Festival comes to Central Point, Oregon to greet us. With Crater High School students as creative as they are, it came to a consensus that we ought to profit off of our creativity. The Crater Bis students were requested to make logos on lanyards to sell at the music festival. Though I have a strong feeling my logo will profit a great amount from it's inappropriate artwork.


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