May Crowning May 7 2018

On May 7th Mercy had their annual May Crowning ceremony.

set up

May crowning starts with a long hard day of getting prepared for the night ahead. Mrs. Miller and a few others work hard to set up the satute of Our Mother Mary and all of the other decorations.


Mercy holds the ceremony in the gym. We decorate with flowers and more greenery.

may court

There are two ladies and one queen that are selected from each grade. Each grade elects two girls from their grade based on their loving and caring qualities.

photo by: Mrs. Coyle

Madeline Elsasser was our 2018 May Queen. She was picked because of her outstanding qualities just like Mary.

mary statue

This is the Mary statue that the May Queen crowns every year. The rest the court lays flowers at her feet.

photo by: Mrs. Coyle

Hannah Fenton and Annika Muse won the highest award possible at Mercy, Outstanding Seniors. Their leading, loving, and caring qualities won them this award.

hectic pictures

At the end of the night all the Mercy girls scurry to take pictures with all of their friends to show off to everyone.

our gorgeous mercy gals
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