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A mother's realization that her son's clothes featured only predators, while her daughter's featured only prey resulted in Girls Up Front™, Rad Clothes for Tiny Feminists.

Our first capsule collection, Predators Not Prey, is based on Caitlin Williams Freeman's epiphany moment when she realized that the characters featured on her infant daughter's clothing were almost always bunny rabbits, mice & other 'prey'. Why couldn't her daughter have the choices that her older brother had--cool prints with sharks, lions & bears--the predators!

A pastry chef and former small business owner who has no business being in the clothing business, Caitlin gathered a team of supremely talented, fierce feminist mamas to fill a niche in the kids clothing market that she couldn’t find for her own daughter.

Beth Miles, Creative Director and Founder of Ses Petites Mains, designed the styles in fabrics that perfectly showcase the original prints. Carrie Hansen--who dreams in paint & patterns, created the original Predator prints. Joy Opfer distills feeling into font & conceived the powerful graphics; and Ericka McConnell who sees all & captured her impressions on camera, in the powerful photography you see featured.

Girls Up Front™ original prints feature Pussy Cats, Dinosaurs & Sharks, the characters that define our collection "Predators Not Prey".

The use of predator refers to those animals that care for themselves, are fierce and, in their hunt, make their lives possible. The pussy cat snagging the bird in her claw; the shark going for its prey--Girls Up Front™ shifts the lens to show that girls are capable of the same survival skills.

Proud to be conceived by fierce mamas; designed & produced in the Bay Area with original prints that were printed here too!

Girls Up Front ™ launches mid-November, 2017.

By supporting our campaign you will help us get these beautiful garments in sizes 12mo-8 years out into the world. And after a successful campaign, Girls Up Front ™ will continue creating collections grounded in original prints with an expanded size range and fresh, modern styles that capture new angles on feminism for your little predator.

A portion of all of our sales will be donated to KidPower International, a non-profit dedicated to the safety, strength, and empowerment of children.

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Our Girls Up Front™ styles, by fabric.
Our Annie E. Overall in Sidewalk denim.
Pucker Plaid with Shark Frenzy & Sidewalk Denim
Dino Print
Teeny Pussy Print
Power Pussy Print
Fuscia Dots with Teeny Pussy Print & Sidewalk Denim
Sidewalk Denim
Dino Print & Sidewalk Denim
Shark Frenzy Print
Sidewalk Denim with Shark Frenzy Print
Teeny Pussy Print with Fuscia Dots & Sidewalk Denim
Sidewalk Denim
Scattered Dots with Dino Print & Sidewalk Denim
Teeny Pussy Print & Sidewalk Denim

We are mothers, who want our daughters to grow up knowing that their gaze is forward, that their voices are roars. We would love your support to make these clothes available to your daughter, your niece, your granddaughter, or your best friend’s new baby.

Clockwise from top right-- Caitlin Williams Freeman; our fabulous models Cora and her classmate/bestie, Sula; & Beth Miles--on the streets of San Francisco.

To request Girls Up Front™ images, samples or more details -- caitlin@girlsupfront.com or 415.533.1695

All photography by Ericka McConnell, copyright Girls Up Front ™ 2017.


Photos by Ericka McConnell, copyright 2017, Girls Up Front.

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