Gowen Pamphlet By MAtthew Edelman

One tool I found very fascinating was the traverse board. The traverse board was a tool used on a ship that counted where you are going. Every half hour a bell rings and the person who is in charge of the traverse board putts a peg on it. You know where to put the pegs because whenever the bell rings because when the bell rings you can look at a compass and find out where you are headed towards. The traverse board was created by the English and was very helpful for their journeys at sea.

The musket is used for scaring attakers away or killing animals. The musket was a very useful tool although it takes some work to use it. It took around 20 to 30 seconds to re fire the gun. Because it took so long to fire they would fire in different groups so that they would constantly be firing at an enemy. To be able to fire a musket you must go through a training process that will allow you to safely and successfully aim and fire a musket.

As I walked into the printing press I suddenly smelled the ink printed on to the paper. I would sometimes stop by and get a newspaper to try and fit in because I was recently freed. I would definitely buy the newspaper on an occasion when something big was happening such as the colonies leaving Great Britain. In the shop there are not many choices to buy so you would usually by the daily newspaper. If you are getting one newspaper you would usually just go straight to the store. If you needed a whole stack of newspapers you can pre-order them and just pick them up when told to.
This is the Rolly Tavern which is where Gowen Pamphlet worked. Not only did he work in the Tavern but he lived in the back near the stables. During this time Gowen would not spend much time around town but mostly either in the kitchen or near the stables. I liked the old sign of the Tavern in a dark green that standed out to me when I walked by the Tavern.

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