Adobe London Shoreditch Site employee experience guide

Across Adobe, we are investing in our offices and in an expectional workplace experience for our people.

We believe that innovation, networking and community are all important aspects of working for Adobe.

Adobe's new work enviorment fosters collaboration, innovation, networking and community.
This guide is designed to help you navigate and optimize your experience

Adobe's new London office is in the fast-growing "Tech City" area of Shoreditch. The Iconic new building, White Collar Factory, situated on Old Street Roundabout is surrounded by Shoreditch, Hoxton and Clearkenwell along with neighboring villages.

Old Street is a vibrant community and diverse hub where Adobe resides on floor 7, 8 & 13.
Official Move in for floors 7 & 8 of the White Collar Factory is Monday, June 12th
We will fully expand and move into the 13th floor on Monday July 17th.
Leverage the various work settings to enhance your experience @Adobe

Choice is important and Adobe provides diverse work settings to empower your choices on how you work throughout the day.

Here are some ways to think about how the site can best support your various modes of work flow.

1st Space - Primary Workspace

1st Space : Individual work settings - they maybe assigned to an individual or to a neighborhood where you chose your setting that day.

2nd Space: Small, Medium & Large Conference Rooms. Phone/Video Booths

2nd Space: Enclosed & site wide reservable space. Not intented for augmented visitor or growth space, please no "camping" out.

3rd Space: Open Break rooms, Areas around neighborhoods, On Site Cafe's

3rd Space: Non-reservable for individual heads down work, chill down, socialize and team warm up/chill down

Work practices that are best for you & your team to minimize the learning curve, reduce and perhaps avoid friction in the workplace.

We recommend minimal changes for the first 90 days after move in because most of the issues work out as the teams learn how to use the new workspace.

Be open minded, adaptable & flexible and respectful with each other

Do onto others as you would want to be done onto you.

Sometimes the best way to help people through change is with empathy, kindness and modeling the new behavior - it will go a long way.

How to be successful in the Open Work Enviroment

In the open office, the following guidelines can help ease the transition and will foster an effective work enviorment for everyone.

Noise: Top 3 complaints: noisy colleagues, phone calls and electronic office equipment

Please no speaker phones in open areas, adjust alerts on smart phones & keep ringers to low setting, minimize hallway conversations near open work stations and refrain from shouting

Confidentiality matters should be discussed in a setting that supports the privacy of that conversation.

If you need to have a sensitive conversation use the phone/video booths or small conference room.

Avoid listening in on peer’s conversations espeically if they are speaking quietly to keep it between themselves.

Lock your screen when you step away from your desk.

Welcome to the new London Shoreditch Office - we are so glad you are here!

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