My favorite game LEAGUE OF LEGENDS

I would like to introduce my favorite game : LEAGUE OF LEGENDS.This should be a world famous game now.

Definition: Riot Games in 2009 October 27 issued this game.The game is designed by three designers,the three designers were named Christina Norman,Steve Feak and Rob Garrett.League of Legends is a 3D online video game.

First of all, I would like Introduction how to play this game to you:League only requires a small number of keys to play with. Namely, three groupings! First off, your mouse with left and right click. Left click is used to select items or targets or drag your inventory around. However, right click is used to attack and move.

In League of Legends consists of three main maps,you have three game modes you can choose.

ARAM: Howling Abyss 5v5
The Twist Treelineed 3v3

Now I want to tell you about the characters in this game, this game has more than 200 characters, each character skills and usage, type, have a very big difference, each game requires ten people to the game Start, ten people were two teams, each team has five people, each person has a different role. There are three lines in the map,respectively MID ; TOP ; ADC ; Jungle and Support .Now let me introduce you to my favorite five characters.

Lux :The Lady of Luminosity.Common Position: Mid, Support. Lux is a long-range Mage with the capacity to catch and destroy enemies from far away. She benefits from items like mana regenerating items.
Lulu :the Fae Sorceress.Common Position: Support. erhaps more than any other champion in the League, Lulu marches to the beat of her own drum. During her youth in Bandle City, she spent most of her time wandering alone in the forest or lost in a daydream. It wasn't that she was antisocial; the day-to-day bustle of Bandle City just couldn't compete with the vibrant world of her imagination.
Jinx :The Loose Cannon.Common Position: Bot .Jinx is a high damage Marksman that can swap between two different basic attacks: A mini gun and a rocket launcher. Q toggles between them. The mini gun is short ranged and attacks fast, while the rocket launcher has a longer range and deals area-of-effect damage.
Rengar : the Pridestalker. Common Position: Jungle.On every wall of his den, the trophy hunter Rengar mounts the heads, horns, claws, and fangs of the most lethal creatures in Valoran. Though his collection is extensive, he remains unsatisfied, tirelessly seeking greater game. He takes time with every kill, studying his prey, learning, and preparing himself for the next encounter with the one monster he never managed to defeat.
Darius :the Hand of Noxus .Common Position:Top.There is no greater symbol of Noxian might than Darius, the nation's most feared and battle-hardened warrior. Orphaned at a young age, Darius had to fight to keep himself and his younger brother alive. By the time he joined the military, he had already developed the strength and discipline of a veteran soldier.

In the game, when you reach full level, there will be qualifying, qualifying is to let people know your level.

CHALLENGER is the best.

Items and Equipment.As the game progresses you’ll acquire gold you can spend on powerful items that improve your champions performance on the Fields of Justice. Items can provide all manner of useful bonuses such as faster movement, improved damage, increased durability, reduced ability cooldowns, etc. You can purchase items from the shop near the summoner platform where you spawn at the beginning of a game.

Game Items and Equipment.

Now I want to talk about why I like this game. First of all, the game screen is very nice, four seasons will be on the map to change, when the map is winter snow world. This game has a lot of games that are played, there are more than 200 characters, each character's play and function are not the same, so there are many attempts. This is an online game, you can learn with unfamiliar players, when I win the game there will be a great sense of accomplishment. In the game at the same time I can also make a lot of good friends, chat with friends when there are topics I like, there are some very well-known gamers I like, for example Faker,he is a member of SK Telecom T1 K . SKT T1 in League of Legends World Championship has three consecutive championship.League of Legends World Championship is a World competitions, all over the world have a strong team to participate.I really like Faker, because he is the world's most powerful player, he has led his team for three consecutive years to get the world champion, he has a high sense of his level of operation after a lot of training to this extent. He has a name and we call him big devil, because he is too powerful in this game, no one can exceed him, so we call him the devil. I like this game. Because I particularly like a character inside, the character name is Jinx.Jinx lives to wreak havoc without a thought for the consequences, leaving a trail of mayhem and panic in her wake. A manic and impulsive criminal, she despises nothing more than boredom, and gleefully brings her own volatile brand of pandemonium to the one place that she finds dullest: Piltover. With an arsenal of deadly toys, she unleashes the brightest explosions and loudest blasts - all the better to shock and surprise the helpless authorities. Always just out of the law's reach, Jinx's favorite game is to toy with Piltover's finest - especially Vi. Piltover had long been known as the City of Progress, a place where peace and order reigned. That serenity was challenged when a new kind of criminal arrived, the likes of whom had never been seen. This mysterious outlaw unleashed a series of warped and destructive capers that endangered the entire city, and left its people reeling from the worst crime spree in Piltover's history.As the string of crimes without rhyme or reason hit the city, sightings of the lawbreaker emerged. Though the young woman's origins were a mystery, some saw traces of Piltover hextech in her firearms, while others described the street fashions of Zaun in her dress. Because her arrival always brought trouble with it, those who crossed her path soon gave her a name: Jinx.I like her because her story is very special, and she looks very beautiful, and very easy to use yet, very powerful.This is why I like this game, because I like to play with friends, but also allows me to have a strong sense of superiority, and makes me very happy.

But this game also has shortcomings that will affect my study, and sometimes too late to play at night, it will affect sleep, when I sleep in class will be very sleepy, there is if I lose the game, I will be very angry .

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