Esperanza Rising Riches to rags

"Do not ever be afraid to start over." This is the advice given to Esperanza by her abuelita. Esperanza does not know it, but she will have to follow that advice more than one time. She is a happy daughter of a wealthy vineyard owner in Mexico, but her world is about to be turned upside down, because she finds out someone had killed her father.Without Papa, Esperanza and her mother are at the mercy of Papa's greedy brothers, and Esperanza and her mother decided to go to the United States, leaving weak abuelita behind.In California, there was unfairness against Mexican immigrants, who are seen as ta source of farm labor. Esperanza has to learn to do basic jobs, such as sweeping, and caring for children, that she has never had to do before. The work is hard, the food is simple, and Esperanza and Mama struggle like the others. They thought the United States would help them live a greater life than the one they would have had with Tio Luis. But they had worked long hours in the fields and lived in work camps in poverty. They couldn’t speak English, and no one helped them learn English. Esperanza's life in the United States had been born of the ashes of her ranch, but could anything wonderful ever come of the lives they were now forced to live? They could never go back to their old way of life in Mexico, but could they rise up again in this new country?

Created By
Athena Padilla

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