Che Guevara By: Nayeli Morales

Ernesto Guevara de la Serna (Che Guevara) was born June 14,1928 from Rosario, Argentina. He was the theoretician and tactician of guerrilla warfare, prominent communist figure in the Cuban Revolution (1956-59), guerrilla leader in South America. He is the eldest of 5 kids in a middle-class family of Spanish and Irish decent. He also excelled in sports and a scholar, completed medical school studies in 1953. Over the holidays he would travel South America and make observations of the great poverty. He then made the conclusion that the only solution is to have a revolution.

Later he left Guatemala for Mexico where he met Cuban brothers, Fidel and Raul Castro, who were attempting to overthrow Fulgencio Basista in Cuba. But the Basista army was one step ahead and they did not win this battle. They were almost wiped out including Guevara, but they reached Sierra Maestra. There they became the nucleus of a guerrilla army. He became the Castro's most trusted aids. Even though he was trained as a healer but on some occasions he would be an executioner to traitors or deserters.

After Castro's victorious troops entered Havana on January 2, 1959, Guevara spent several months in prison. He became known in the west for his oppositions to all forms of imperialism and neocolonialism and for his attacks on the U.S. foreign policy. Later Guevara expounded a vision of a new socialist citizen who would work for the good of the society rather than for personal profit. However he felt betrayed by the Soviets when they removed their missile from the island without consulting Cuban leadership during the Cuban missiles crisis of 1962. He started to look to the People's Republic of China and it's Leader Mao Zedong for support.

In April 1965 he dropped out of public life. He traveled to Democratic Republic of the Congo with other Cuban guerrilla fighters. In autumn 1966 Guevara went to Bolivia, incognito, to create and lead a guerrilla group in the region of Santa Cruz. after a few combat success they have noticed that they are always on the run from the Bolivian army. On October 8, 1967, the group was almost annihilated. Guevara was wounded, captured and shot. although they cut off his hands and preserved it so that they can confirm his identity.

Che Guevara is an example of power and authority and revolution. He is an example of power and authority because of his leadership to the guerrilla army. Guevara was an example of revolution is because he was in a revolution and from the very beginning he said it himself that South America needed a revolution. Those are the reasons why Guevara is an example of power and authority and revolution.


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