The Wonderful Grasslands By:anna claire snyder


Animals are biotic because they breath air and move and do things that abiotic would not. A biotic factor is somthing that either makes its own food and BREATHES air

This is a biotic factor


A PREDITOR is somthing that hunts the victim or prey and eats it for its food. Most of the predators are carnivores. Or somtimes omnivores.

This is a fox or a preditor


This is a prey. It gets hunted by the preditor and get eaten by it.most prey are herbivores. Or most common omnivores.

This is a bunny or a prey


This is an abiotic factor. An ABIOTIC factor is somthing that is not alive or breathing. Like rocks they are not breathing or make its own food.

These are rocks and they are abiotic factors


Asia is full of grasslands as shown in this picture. Grasslands are big spaces of grass. They have almost no trees. In the winter it is so dry, and also in the summer too.

This is where grasslands are in Asia


Asia - a continent

Pretitor- a animal that hunt for its food and eats what ever

Prey- gets eaten by the preditor

Abiotic- an abiotic factor something that is not living

Biotic- a biotic factor is something that is alive


Created with images by Stefano Di cola - "GOPR1159" • Caninest - "Coyote" • jans canon - "Fox" • slgckgc - "Bunny" • stebulus - "rocks" • WikiImages - "africa continent aerial view"

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