Being 15 in Sweden David Thiel 5th hour

Location- Sweden is a large country on the same piece of land as Norway and Finland. Its near Denmark, Asia, and the United Kingdom.

History- "Stockholm is built on fourteen different islands. It has more than fifty bridges as well as the medieval old town, Gamla Stan."

Fact- Sweden was the first country in the world to ban spanking or beating children.

Being fifteen in Sweden is sometimes difficult yet full of opportunities, because of taking care of a family with limited money but having your rights as a child protected.

A challenge that you might have living in Sweden or just outside of sweden is supporting/living with a family that has to try and save money but take care of everyone at the same time.

According to "Save The Children Sweden's 2015 study on poverty,it is only children born just outside of Sweden and in suburbs of big cities that have financial problems.

("Children's Rights in Sweden")

This evidence shows how living in Sweden could be a struggle for some people.

Some cool parts about being fifteen in Sweden might be having your rights as a kid strongly protected.

According to " Children in Sweden", Swedish law ensures that children are well protected and their rights are defended.


This evidence shows how living in Sweden as a child could be absolutely amazing.

As you can see growing up in Sweden for some children may be a struggle, but for most it will be amazing.

Through this process, by making connections, I have identified that have a lot in common with teens in Sweden.

By studying what it is like to be a fifteen year old in Sweden I have learned what many connections I have with them.

According to "Children's Rights in Sweden" School is mostly free there. In Steamboat school is also mostly free for children. According to ", children between ages six and thirteen are also offered out of school care" We have tutors and after school help in Steamboat too.

This evidence really shows how learning about being fifteen in Sweden has allowed me to make many connection.

As you can see I have many things in common with the average Swedish fifteen year old.

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