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Being in Band is like coming back from a family reunion every Spring.--Zalicia DeLeon 2020
In my many years of music a band is never just a band, it’s a family; a group of fine students who will always be there for you...--Kaelin Miller 2020

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Parent Information

Instrument Rental Policy & Fees

First, I recommend renting from Ted Brown or Music & Arts. They charge monthly, but include basic repair and cleaning with the rental and have a greater selection of instruments available for your child to rent. They also have many Rent-to-Own programs available for those wishing to upgrade their instruments. Check out their websites for the latest rental deals.

First Creek Middle School understands the importance of every child having the opportunity to participate in an instrumental music program (Band, Percussion, or Orchestra). It is for this reason that instruments are made available when possible to parents of students with financial needs for a small annual fee, versus a monthly contract. The students and a parent/guardian must sign an instrument rental contract and the rental fee must be paid in full before the instrument can go home with the student. Payment plans can be negotiated on a case by case basis.

Fees for Band

Band = $45 Fees are due as close to the beginning of the school year as possible to facilitate timely repairs and replacements as needed and can be paid through the FCMS main office.

The band rental fee pays for upkeep and repair on all FCMS wind instruments including cleaning, replacement parts, mouthpieces, and new cases.

Please realize that in many cases these instruments may cost anywhere from $1,000-$15,000. Therefore, each student is expected to treat them with care and maintain the instruments properly. Failure to do so will result in repair costs paid by the student and possible removal from the program.

FCMS Percussion waiting for the Pep Rally!

Performance Expectations

Attendance to all performances is required for full credit. An unexcused absence at a performance will result in a zero for that performance (which makes up 40% of your grade). Absence from any performance must be excused by the director at least one week before the performance takes place.

**If an emergency does occur and a student is going to miss the performance, please contact Mrs. Brazley via email or phone within 24 hours of the performance. A make-up assignment will be issued for excused absences only.

Performance Uniforms

Jazz Band, Concert Band, & Symphonic Band: First Creek Middle School Music Polo, solid black bottoms, and black shoes.

6th Grade Band: Blue FCMS uniform shirt (no hoodies, please!), solid black bottoms, and black shoes.

Percussion: Black Percussion t-shirt (no hoodies, please!), solid black bottoms, and black shoes,

You may order your uniform online through our Music Boosters website. Just click the button below!

Calm Before the Storm

Need to know when we are performing?

We are still working on selecting dates! With our new COVID protocols we have to make sure our students and families can stay safe. Keep checking back for an update!

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