Study Trip to Edinburgh m4TK

As a part of our research for Ähtäri Zoo, we needed to benchmark other Zoo which has pandas. That is why our destination for our study trip was Edinburgh and the main visit was made to the Edinburgh’s Zoo. The trip to Edinburgh took place from Monday 27th of March until Friday 31st of March on spring 2017.

The Old town of Edinburgh

Edinburgh as a travel destination was interesting. It has the perfect size for a city; it is small and easy to get around by foot and it offers many various things to do. You can have a visit to the castle, visit the zoo, have a tour in the historical and sometimes even scary dungeons, explore the national galleries and museums or just walk around and see the beauty of the city.

@Rose Street

We did various visits and things during our stay as a bigger group as well as in smaller groups. Our main visit was to the Edinburgh Zoo, where we explored the zoo itself, saw the pandas and had an educational session with one of the persons from the Edinburgh Zoo’s educational center. She had prepared a very good and informatic presentation for us and we were able to ask questions from her and had the opportunity to have more information about our research for Ähtäri Zoo.

Yang Guang

The other visit we had to the Beer Factory of Edinburgh. The tour started with a beer and then we had a short presentation about the company and their history. After that we had the tour in the brewery. We got to see the machines in which the beer is made and he also showed us how the bottle get its’ labels. Edinburgh’s beer factory was smaller and more personal and intimate than for example Carlsberg’s factory in Copenhagen.

One of the most interesting visits we had to the National Museum of Scotland. We thought it would be a tour inside the museum and everybody was kind of thinking that it will be a boring session with an old guy leading us. But we had a very funny, friendly and informative guide who works in the events and meeting department in the museum. He told us about the museum as a venue for events and how do they organize the events, what kind of events they have, what do they need to take into consideration when planning an event in the museum and so on. It was a very interesting tour and everybody enjoyed it.

In the National museum of Scotland

We also had the visit to the Edinburgh’s University and there we got a presentation about the school and all the study possibilities in there. First we had an informative session in a small class room and after that the teacher took a to a tour around the campus.

Napier University

Edinburgh was full of surprises! When walking around, especially in the old town, you never knew what was in front of you when you were walking up on stairs or wondering what is behind the next corner. Usually you ended up finding a new hidden pub to visit though where to experience the beer culture. The trip was exhausting as study trips are always, but we had many funny and great moments that for sure will stay in our mind forever.

These monkeys got out of their enclosure!

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