Solar Power By Yuri Sopko and Hayley Laskowski

How it Works

There are 3 main ways to use the sun's energy: Solar Cells, Solar Boilers, and Solar Furnaces.

Solar Cells

Solar Cells were originally developed in order to provide electricity for satellites ,but nowadays they are used to power calculators. you can get enough power in a sunny climate but you can only get enough power to run a 100 watt lightbulb from one square metre of solar panel.

Solar Boilers use the suns energy to heat water like a water heater.

Solar Furnaces is like a solar boiler but is used for industrial use at higher TEMPERATURES.

Advantages and disadvantages of solar power


solar energy is free and it doesn't need any fuel and produces no waste or pollution.

In sunny countries, solar power can be used where there is no easy way to get to electricity to a remote area.

Handy for low power uses such as battery chargers AND GARDEN lights.


Solar power is very EXPENSIVE.

Can be unreliable unless YOU'RE in a very sunny climate.

It takes the average homeowner 7 to 15 years to pay off their solar panels.

Intresting facts

As seen in the video solar panels track the sun to colect power from the sun.

Solar energy can be used to heat water as high as 60 degrees CELSIUS.

Solar power can reduce ELECTRICITY bill.

Solar energy can provide ELECTRICITY on cloudy days and at night.

Solar energy has been used for over 2700 years.

food can be cooked using solar energy.

California is home to the largest solar power plant in the world.


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