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"Atheism (Christians) has been specially advanced through the loving service rendered to strangers, and through their care for the burial of the dead. It is a scandal that there is not a single Jew who is a beggar, and that the godless Galileans (Christians) care not only for their own poor but for ours as well; while those who belong to us (pagans) look in vain for the help that we should render them.”

The above words were quoted by Julian the Apostate the Roman Emperor from AD 361-363. Julian was devoted to paganism and during his rule he tried to reinstate it as the state religion. This lead to the revival of Christians being persecuted in the Roman empire which started off subtly but grew in boldness throughout his short 20 month reign. Pagans were openly preferred for high official appointments, Christians were expelled from the army and prohibited from teaching classical literature and philosophy. Christian cities were penalised, churches were burned, Bishops banished and one was even horribly tortured. Statues of Bacchus, the Greco-Roman god associated with nature, wine, and ecstasy, were installed in the Christian basilicas.

In Australia we have witnessed a monumental shift in our society and the rise of a new pagan religion which is represented by what we call the extreme left. However, I think this is a ruse as pagan views don't just exist to the extreme left but are also appearing in what we would consider more conservative parts of our society. The shift has been monumental and wide in its effect.

What I find extraordinary in Emperor Julian's rant about Christians is that he is not complaining about what they don't believe, but what they are doing, in what they do stand for! He had no answer to that. How can you justify persecution on a group of people who are acting in the good of the nation? Julian's reign and the actions of Christians made it clear that paganism in the Roman Empire was doomed.

Relationship with our community, our neighbours, sporting teams and work colleagues are key in how we evangelise in our nation. When we surrender our life to Jesus and enter daily into the presences of God (through the Holy Spirit) we are being transformed into Christ's likeness. Ready to be the hands and feet of Jesus. The same hands and feet that transformed the Roman Empire.

For further contemplation I have linked an article from the website Desiring God.

Jesus is for you

Mark Shume


Thank Jesus for the safe return of our community after the Easter break.

That we as a community would collectively and individually seek out the presence of God and allow Him to mould and shape us.

Thank Jesus for our Year 5 children who have a wonderful desire to worship Jesus. Pray for Ms Nichols as she teaches and mentors our Year 5.

Continue for Mrs Sara Saade's speedy recovery.

Pray for our year 3,5,7 and 9 children as they sit the NAPLAN tests on May 14-16


Volunteers Needed for Cross Country

We need help for the Cross Country on Friday 17th May. If any parents can help out, can you please let the Office know. Thank you.

Prayer Night

Come and join us in prayer next Thursday 9 May held in the Church Hall from 7pm to 8pm.

2019 Election

Election slogans and sound bites, it is easy to switch off. However, this election I believe has very big consequences to religious freedom in Australia. The Eternity Magazine has put together a guide to help you sort through the election smoke screen with a variety of key issues. Click the link below, be warned it is comprehensive!


Federal Member Report Card

During the last week of the 2018 parliamentary calendar, Labor Senator Mrs Penny Wong tried multiple times to have the anti-discrimination laws changed which would prevent schools from hiring Christian staff. Many of you wrote letters and called politicians to express your concerns over these changes. Mr Shume contacted both Mr Tony Bourke and Mr Jason Clare (being the federal local members for the majority of our school community) directly on this issue among others. We have not had an official response from either of these local federal member. Mr Shume met with Mr Tony Bourke personally late last year where he apologised for not replying due to the desire to write a more personalised letter to our school which he indicated he was writing at that time.

Letter from the Prime Minister, Scott Morrison

I have attached a letter from the Prime Minister in reply to the letter I wrote on the school's behalf. The letter expresses the Government's version of events regarding last years attempt to change the Sex Discrimination Act and where the Government stands on this matter.


2020 Year 7 and Kindergarten

Our school is in demand, in two days this week Mr Shume had multiple meetings with parents looking for placements for their children. These parents were collectively looking for 9 places! We are currently maintaining waiting lists for families who are waiting for a position to open for their child.

2020 Kindergarten - We are also currently sending out acceptance of enrolments to our 2020 Kindergarten families. If you have a child who is intending to start Kindergarten in 2020, can you please ensure that the office knows of your intention as there may not be a place available.

NAPLAN, My School's and GBCCS

Late last term Mr Shume was informed that media had been given our school's details due to the outstanding NAPLAN results achieved by our students in 2018. Our school's name was forwarded to multiple news agencies and we were featured in the Daily Telegraph and also the Canterbury Bankstown Express. Our name says who we belong to, Christ's name was magnified!

2019 NAPLAN Dates

2019 will be the last year we do traditional paper tests. We have opted to continue paper tests so we can ensure our data is accurate as we continue to measure academic progress in our school.

Tuesday 14 May - Language Conventions and Writing (2 tests)

Wednesday 15 May - Reading

Thursday 16 May - Numeracy

Mother's Day Stall


The first two weeks of Term 2 are changeover time for school summer and winter uniforms. Students may wear either uniform but must not mix summer and winter uniforms. Week 3 (Monday May 13) all students must be in full winter uniform. Please note demerits will be issued for secondary students who are not in the correct uniform.


Assemblies for Term 2 will occur on even weeks (Week 2, 4,6 and 8). This is due to the secondary timetable being a two week timetable starting on a "B" Week.

Week 11 Assembly Awards

  • Kindergarten Sean Sinaga - For excellent attitude in learning and being positive in all things
  • Year 1 Jedidiah Chijioke - Awesome effort and growth in reading groups
  • Year 2 Grace Anthony - For an excellent and detailed recount of the Museum excursion
  • Year 3 Annalise Woldhuis - For an engaging and well-written narrative AND for always displaying patience, kindness and gentleness towards others.
  • Year 4 Joshua Laney - Completing his homework to the best of his ability
  • Year 5 Zoe Olsen - For enthusiastically presenting her knowledge about Cambodia in a game show.
  • Year 6 Amara Oweiss - For always producing an outstanding and consistent effort in all Key Learning Areas.


Week 2

Monday 6 May - Secondary Zone Soccer

Friday 10 May - Year 7 Japanese Excursion

Week 3

Tuesday 14 May - NAPLAN (Language Conventions & Writing)

Wednesday 15 May - NAPLAN (Reading)

Thursday 16 May - NAPLAN (Numeracy)

Thursday 16 May - Year 8 Geography excursion to Chipping Norton

Friday 17 May - Cross Country (Year 3-12)

Week 4

Wednesday 22 May-Friday 24 May - Year 5 & 6 Camp

Wednesday 22 May - Year 9 excursion to Kokoda Track Memorial

Week 5

Monday 27 May-Friday 31 May - Year 8-10 Exams

Thursday 30 May - Stage 6 (Year 11 & 12) Parent Teacher Interviews

Week 6

Thursday 6 June - Athletics Carnival

Friday 7 June - Year 7 History excursion to the Nicholson Museum

Friday 7 June - Year 9 & 10 to Camden Open Day

Week 7

Monday 10 June - Queen's birthday holiday (no school)

Friday 14 June - Kindergarten excursion the "The Wannabees"

Friday 14 June - Year 9 Science Excursion

Week 8

Tuesday 18 June - Primary small schools Soccer/Netball Gala Day

Friday 21 June - Year 9 & 10 Commerce excursion

Friday 21 June - Year 12 excursion to the Jewish museum

Week 9

Tuesday 25 June - Year 11 Biology excursion to Sydney University

Wednesday 26 June - Year 11 & 12 Careers Expo Day at Sydney Olympic Park

Week 10

Wednesday 3 July - Kindergarten to Year 6 Parent Teacher Interviews

Thursday 4 July - Kindergarten to Year 6 Parent Teacher Interviews

Friday 5 July - Last Day of Term 2


Term 1: Tuesday 29th January - Friday 12th April (11 Weeks)

Term 2: Monday 29th April - Friday 5th July (10 Weeks)

Term 3: Monday 29th July - Friday 27th September (9 Weeks)

Term 4: Monday 14th October - Thursday 12th December (9 Weeks)

GBCCS Highlights


Our Year 10 students have been exceptional in how they have represented Christ. Below is a video recap on the mission trip.


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