Vatican City By: greta Minasyan

The Vatican city flag

about vatican city (the holy see)

Vatican City is the smallest country in the world with a population of 800

In Vatican they speak Italian

Some words in Italian
  • Hello -Ciao
  • I love Italy - lo amo L'italia
  • You are beautiful -sei bello
Traditionally Dressed man
Vatican is whee the Pope is.


Architecture is Beautiful in Vatican.


Vatican is home to famous artworks

italian food

of course the PIZZA

Vatican is full of art

Created By
Greta Minasyan


Created with images by TravelCoffeeBook - "vatican rome st peters basilica" • WikimediaImages - "balcony niche facade" • Unsplash - "st peter's basilica vatican rome" • gullah - "stairs circular staircase vatican museum" • rockingroshan - "IMG_6904" • skeeze - "st peters basilica dome interior" • uroburos - "vatican city state italy italia" • janeb13 - "art school of athens raphaël italian painter" • KatieThebeau - "Pictures from within the Vatican Museum" • KatieThebeau - "Pictures from within the Vatican Museum" • Hans - "wood fired pizzas pizza bake"

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