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USAID’s flagship Maternal and Child Survival Program (MCSP) invites you to join us as we recognize the importance of strengthening and scaling interventions at the community level – and that community approaches, including engagement of civil societies and communities themselves, are essential to advancing #EquityForAll.

Use the messages and graphics below or create your own and help us share why it is important to commit to strengthening #communityhealth, communities and equity. Follow @MCSPglobal and @USAIDGH and use #CareForCommunities and #EquityForAll. Also share this toolkit: http://bit.ly/CareForCommunities.


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Join @USAIDGH’s @MCSPglobal and share why engaging communities can improve the health of #momsandbabies. #CareForCommunities http://bit.ly/CareForCommunities

Reaching underserved populations with health services is critical to achieve #RMNCH goals. @MCSPglobal helps countries design, implement & monitor equitable health programs to narrow the gaps in health access. Visit our #EquityForAll legacy page for more: http://bit.ly/EquityLegacy

#Communityhealth is essential for countries to reach #momandbaby with health services. @MCSPglobal helps countries strengthen, scale and institutionalize community interventions. Visit our #CareForCommunities legacy page for more: http://bit.ly/CommunityLegacy

When women are empowered to make decisions about their futures, their families are healthier and happier. @MCSPglobal works to mitigate gender inequalities that act as barriers to optimal health outcomes. Learn more on our legacy page: http://bit.ly/GenderEqualityLegacy #EquityForAll

Messages to Share

About Community Health and Why it Matters

Effective community-based interventions are key to improving #RMNCH by helping reach #momsandbabies not currently accessing health services. #CareForCommunities

Strengthening the #CHW workforce is necessary for establishing community engagement and participation. #CareForCommunities

Well-trained, effective #CHWs are likely to save one to two children’s lives per year in low-and middle- income countries. #CareForCommunities

#CHWs who live within the villages they serve can promote health and provide high quality care. #CareForCommunities

About Gender and Equity and Why it Matters

#HealthEquity means all #momsandbabies have equitable access to high-quality health care services. #EquityForAll

Pro-equity interventions target the poor and marginalized to ensure their health care needs are met. #EquityForAll

Gender inequality contributes to preventable deaths and illness in women and men. #EquityForAll

Gender-sensitive services ensure everyone is empowered to make full, free, and informed choices about their healthcare. #GenderEquality #EquityForAll

The involvement of fathers before, during and after the birth of a child has positive effects on violence reduction and improved maternal health outcomes. #GenderEquality #EquityForAll

Moving Community Health Forward

Communities and #civilsociety can hold #healthsystems accountable. #CareForCommunities

A lot can be learned at the community level. Community data should be integrated into health information systems. #CareForCommunities

National #communityhealth programs should be implemented and guided by national policy and local systems to ensure impact. #CareForCommunities

#CareForCommunities ensures that communities facing humanitarian crisis receive essential healthcare.

Communities should be actively involved in determining priorities and implementing solutions for better quality primary health care. #CareForCommunities

Moving Gender and Equity Forward

#EquityForAll is to choose approaches likely to reach the underserved, incorporate pro-equity design and monitor equity outcomes using measurements.

The use of #CHWs, task shifting, and inclusion of the private sector are effective strategies for improving #healthequity. #EquityForAll

When women are empowered to make decisions about their futures, they and their families are healthier, happier and prosperous. #EquityForAll

It’s important to promote gender-equity in health workforce. It empowers female health students and workers to overcome gender discrimination in the workplace and education settings. #EquityForAll

Men play a key part in their own and their family’s health, yet they are often neglected in outreach and service delivery. #GenderEquality #EquityForAll

@MCSPglobal is actively engaging men and promoting partnerships for healthy decision-making among couples in #RMNCH services. #GenderEquality

Twitter Chat

@USAIDGH’s @MCSPglobal hosted a Twitter chat on the importance of #communityhealth, equity and gender in the context of #globalhealth. Check out the hashtag #CareforCommunities to view the conversation.


@MCSPglobal hosted “Harnessing the Power of Communities to Achieve Equity & Primary Health Care for All”. The event featured discussions with global experts, country leaders & partners on #communityhealth interventions. Watch the event: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tLnclxAs7VE #CareforCommunities

Where To Find Us

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Graphic Art: Jessica Wabara Baker/MCSP and Liz Eddy/MCSP

Photos: Mubeen Siddiqui/MCSP, Kate Holt/MCSP and Karen Kasmauski/MCSP

Created By
Jessica Wabara Baker

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