Will Reddin - wreddin20 Section T/TH 11:00 Journey Log #1 Warrior Curiosity and Openness

When I first walked into Daniel 309 this year and sat down in a room of people I did not know, I was already a little bit concerned. Then our teacher walked in and began class by describing what the course would be like. The class was to be taught as a video game. This idea flustered many but for me it was almost a relief. When I heard of the unique way this class was going to be taught I was excited. Growing up I never really enjoyed English class and was sure not happy that I had to take one in college. But, when I heard that my class would be taught like a video game I was intrigued yet skeptical at the same time. I was not sure if this “game” was just sugar coating for what I have dreaded throughout my educational career or if it truly would be a fun twist. Nonetheless I kept an open mind and the class seems to be one of my favorites so far. In fact, I am now very excited for the rest of this year. I am curious to see as to how we will use minecraft (a personal favorite), how group activities will work, and how the game itself will play out. So far, we have only had a few assignments, including some thought provoking articles as well as five minute period for creative writing. I truly enjoyed when we took five minutes to write about a time we had failed a piece of writing. Writing about your own failures is not easy to do but I was intrigued to see how easy the words came to me. The assignment made me think on a broader scale about reflecting inward. As we read in the “Kairos and Metanoia”, “A failure...requires analysis.” meaning that when we fail at something, in a way we are succeeding, just baby steps at a time. We must analyze our failure in order to then succeed. This year I expect that I, along with others will fail many times along our trip through the Rhetorical Inn, but those failures will only help us. I do not mean fail as in failing a paper, I mean simply doing something wrong (that could be something small or big like failing a paper) where you learn from your mistakes. In order to improve as writers and readers we must fail and fail in order to succeed. Looking forward to the rest of the year I am curious to see how the class plays out, but will definitely keep an open mind and a positive attitude in order to beat the game.

As previously mentioned, I have never liked having to take English classes, but not because I am not good at writing and reading; I dislike English class because of all of the writing and reading. For example, I usually have no problem getting words onto the page when tackling a writing assignment, but I struggle to actually sit down and do it. This is why I think that this particular English course will be different. Most of the reading and writing assignments seem to be much more interesting, thought provoking, and open ended than previous English courses. For this reason I think that I will have less of a problem doing the assignments as I will be more interested in what I am doing and the format of the class is definitely the most unique and appealing class I have taken. I am excited to see what kind of challenges are brought upon us as we embark on our journey through the Rhetorical Inn!


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