Gneiss By Abigail v.

Gneiss is a Metamorphic rock.

The hardness of Gneiss is hard.

The color of Gneiss is pink or grey and many other colors.

The luster of Gneiss is mostly dull but can be a little shiny.

Gneiss is mostly used in buildings, flooring material, and counter tops.

Gneiss is found near Canada's Great Lakes.

1. Gneiss is distinctive among other rocks.

2. Gneiss's minerals are in long bands.

3. The minerals in Gneiss are originally made from Igneous and Sedimentary rocks.

4. The mineral in Gneiss is rarely seen.


Created with images by James St. John - "Rhodochrosite (Oligocene, 27.6 to 30.6 Ma; Sweet Home Mine, Mosquito Range, Colorado, USA) 1" • ryguywy - "GNEISS in ShiMenGuan Canyon" • James St. John - "Anyolite (corundum-amphibole zoisitite) (Neoproterozoic; Mundarara Mine, about 27 km west of Longido, northeastern Tanzania)" • Glyn Lowe Photoworks. - "The National Monument" • Marc Lacoste - "carrière des pontreaux" • dalbera - "Le réveil d'Osiris (Exposition Osiris, Institut du Monde Arabe)" • InAweofGod'sCreation - "Red Swamp Maples"

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