The Harn Art Museum By Eric Frank

"Steelwool Firespin Art by 5zal_Photography"

Medium of the Art/ Technique of the Artist

This painting is called "Manhattan" by George Grosz. In the 1940's many people were fleeing Nazi Germany and coming to the United States as a safe haven. New York City was one of the most popular places to go. In the painting you can see the bright Manhattan skyline with the dark world around it. By seeing this painting in person I was really able to notice the effect of color and light which gave me the impression that New York City was known as the perfect place to live. The painting is made out of oil and is painted on a board. The oil allows the colors to blend together and helps make different shades of color which is important in understanding the meaning behind the work of art. The oil painting made me feel what it must have been like back then. At first you think its a dark, gloomy painting in an evil world. But as your eye moves upward you see the bright light and the NYC skyscrapers towering over everything else, giving the impression that NYC is really a safe place.

Me with "Manhattan by George Grosz". Personal Photograph by Eric Frank. 18 Jan 2017.

Design of the Museum

One wing that interested me was the Elusive Spirits, African Masquerades section. Throughout the exhibit there were interesting masks, cultural paintings, and African music and videos in the background. This wing really intrigued me because I felt like I was actually in Africa and that I was experiencing their rich culture. Another aspect that interested me was the use of spacing. The wing was very spread out with masks always facing you so no matter where you looked you experienced the true scare of the elusive spirits.

Me with "Okoroshi Oma" and "Face Mask by Ibibio people". Personal photograph by Eric Frank. 18 Jan 2017.

Art and Core Values

From my point of view this photo evokes the emotion of desire. I have always thought of happiness as living peacefully on a farm with the sun shining and no worries. This picture reminds me of when I used to go visit my Grandmother's beach house. I was young and everything was very joyful with the whole family there. The light in this photo brings out the emotion of happiness and makes me desire to go back to the much simpler times when I was young and had no fears. The bright blue skies and the strong breeze whipping through the air reminds me of the summer storms at the beach house. I would not expect this picture to elicit the same emotion for everyone as not everyone has visited a house that looks like this and had such great memories there. In addition, the wooden house in the bottom right corner looks just like the dog house that my dogs used to play in constantly. All in all, this photo reminds me of my childhood and personally makes me desire to go back.

Me with "Jim Twadell's Place by George Wesley Bellows" Personal photograph by Eric Frank. 18 January 2017.

Art and the Good Life

This photo evokes a very strong theme of the good life, the theme of relaxation. Many times in life people work way too often or take life too seriously. In this painting called St. Jean's Bay, you can see four individuals simply just enjoying life. A man is fishing, two women are lying down socializing, and another woman is sitting around thinking about life. This all takes place in a picturesque scene with darker colors. This illustrates the day turning into night, often a very relaxing time. The theme adds to the meaning of the painting because it shows how relaxation comes in many forms, it all depends on what the individual likes to do.

Me with "St. Jean's Bay by Lean Kroll". Personal photograph by Eric Frank. 18 January 2017.


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