C. Fuquay One Point Perspective Project

This city was not successful because I didn't really put much detail on it and kinda rushed through the building making.
In my second city came out a little bit better, I was a little more carful with my lines and where I put them in this second city. I also added color to see if I can make it look a little bit better.

My second city scape to me was a pretty successful one point perspective because I took my time more and added more detail and more lines.

1. I didn't know anything about impressionist painters but i did know that pointillism had something to do with using dots or marks.

2. A technique I learned while doing this assignment was using short lines and making them at different angles to simulate movement in the water.

3. Pointallism is using little marks of different colors to blend them together to make it seem like its just one color. I did this by making little lines of different colors to make colors like blue and orange.

4. The painters were able to accomplish very detailed paintings with colors that pop off the page.

Claude Monet, The Cliff at Fecamp, 1881

6. This painting was created by Claude Monet. I think the artist was trying to accomplish movement in the water and the sky. In this painting I see a side of a nice grassy side of a cliff leading into water with a bright sunny day.

8. The artist uses cool colors for the water and uses more warm colors for the land. The artist also uses a lot of complimentary colors to show the warmness and the coolness. They also use a bit of rhythm in the grass.

9. I really like this work a lot. The contrast the author uses for the blue of the water and the orange of the side of the cliff to really make the colors really pop. I like the way the artist made the sky look smooth with the clouds so puffy. I also like the way the artist used little marks to make individual pieces of grass to really bring some detail to the painting. Lastly I like the mix of the greens and blues to make the ocean.

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