Emma (My OC)

Name: Emmarie Barrineau

Gender: Female

Species: Cookie Dough Lion

Sexuality: Bisexual

Personality: Cheerful and bashful, loves giving people "floof hugs"

Backstory: TBA

FUN Facts

  • Loves to bake, especially muffins and cookies
  • Her favorite drink is lemonade
  • Favorite color is a slight cream/beige
  • Lives in an apartment building
  • Her favorite animal is geckos
  • Fluently speaks French and English
  • Born in France, moved to America for college and decided to stay
  • Slight obsession with baking, that one friend that will bring you a cake every week
Hey I brought you a muffin, it has chocolate chips too! Oh yeah I also baked you some cookies and a cake too. Wait I have 4 more cakes in the trunk. -Emma on her friend's birthday

More is to be added

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